Nikon's manual metering camera with mechanical shutter.
Metal focalplane shutter that runs vertically is the most advanced mechanism.
Nikon's pride can not allow other camera's advantage in the catalogue specification of mechanical shutter.(Even if its actual advantage in usual use cannot be so high.)
Did you see "4000" and red "250" letters proudly shown on the shutter speed dial?



It has been often pointed out, but I should say again the smoothness of film advance lever operation and silent shutter sound quality are outstanding advantage.
Rotation angle of focus ring is small, and that enables quick focusing operation. Just like quick steering characteristic of sporty car.

[Not very good]

Rather large body,that is larger than Olympus OM-3/OM-4. Whole assembly with round type lens hood with 52mm screw is also big size. This size can be too big for some people who loves compact and handy size cameras.

Shutter sound(.wav)
Mechanical shutter, manual metering.
Weight Body : 540g + 50mmf1.4 : 250g =790g