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Widi --- The Midi Player for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture(ALSA)/Open Sound System(OSS)

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Experimental Support Advanced Linux Sound Architecture(ALSA)

Support Sherry Wrd!

File Selector module!

Support .wrd!


What's Widi? The Midi Player for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture(ALSA)/Open Sound System(OSS).

Widi 19990529 SNAP source Fixed some bugs. Followed the change of ALSA sequencer API.
Widi 19990302 SNAP source
Widi 19990218 SNAP source fixed some bugs.
Widi 19990204 SNAP source Improved ALSA Sequencer support.
Widi 19990131 SNAP source updated documentation
Widi 19990121 SNAP source experimental ALSA support
Widi 19981119 SNAP source
Support sherry wrd!. Support .wrd!. Widi is MIDI player for Advanced Linux Sound Architecutre(ALSA)/Open Sound System(OSS).
It is able to play mid(SMF),rcp,.r36,.wrd file.


Debian GNU/Linux kernel 2.2.3 + XFree86 3.3.2
FreeBSD 2.2.7R


Widi supports only external MIDI device, does not supports FM,GUS,SB AWE yet. (How about Soft OSS?) So you need external MIDI device. Without sound,able to play.(for playing .wrd) Pthread is needed.And libX11 is needed to be thread-safe. For details,see the document in the linux-threads. On FreeBSD, it is reported that widi can be compiled and play. (Thanx to sonoda@kyusyu-u) Widi may be compiled on FreeBSD.But not verified.If someone test it,please let me know.
On pthread library and threaded X libraries
How to install thread safe X libraries on FreeBSD
Sonoda@kyushu-u provies binary of them.(thanx!)
Expands the source of XFree86, add followings to xc/config/cf/FreeBSD.cf, then make World
#define HasPosixThreads YES
#define ThreadedX YES
#define HasThreadSafeAPI YES
#define ThreadsLibraries -lc_r
#define SystemMTDefines -D_THREAD_SAFE -D_REENTRANT
You don't have to change X Server.
So after build in xc/lib directory,stop compiling, It is safe to skip compile servers as follows % cd xc/lib
% cp */*.so.?.? /usr/X11R6/lib
% ldconfig
How to load ALSA Serial Driver
Load ALSA serial driver as followings.
% setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none
(In case you connected the midi device to com2. If you connected to com1, replace /dev/ttyS1 by /dev/ttyS0)
% modprobe snd-serial


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