at the Establishment Meeting of HIDANKYO

   After eleven long years since the atomic bombing, we could at last meet here, for the first time from all over Japan. We, who were not killed at that unforgettable moment, finally set ourselves up and came to this first nation-wide conference of today. Up until now, we have kept our silence, hid our faces, scattered ourselves and led our lives that were left to us, but now, unable to keep our mouths shut, we are rising up, joining our hands and convened here.

   We have acquired this courage to stand up, thanks to the World Conference of last August. There, people in our country and in the world began to hear our voices, and recognizing the warm regards and helping hands extended to us, suddenly we started to muster our courage. At this occasion, we would like to express to the people of the world our sincere gratitude and our decision to rise with a firm resolve.

   Also, we would like you to receive these words of gratitude and resolve as nothing but the words on behalf of the soundless voices of the dead of the people who died a miserable death at the moment of the bombing, of those who died of horrible A-bomb disease, of over 300,000 fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives.

   We have, at today's gathering, commemorated the dead and talked of the inexpressible sentiments piled up in these long years. But unending talks of sorrow and anger, of torture and distress accumulated deep in our hearts were not for getting a consolation or relief for the time being. They had the purpose of setting ourselves up, holding hands in hands, resolutely. We would appeal to the world what we must, would demand the country what we need, arouse ourselves and save ourselves--these talks provided for the occasion to consider the action we should take.

   Thus, we have reassured our will to save humanity from its crisis through the lessons learned from our experiences, while at the same time saving ourselves.

   Here, we appeal to the world uniting our voices. Humanity must never again inflict nor suffer the sacrifice and torture we have experienced. Atomic power, which has a tendency to follow the road to destruction and extermination, must absolutely converted to a servant for the happiness and prosperity of humankind. This is the only desire we hold as long as we live.

   Nevertheless, the world situation today seems as if it has plunged into an age of Hydrogen Bombs race, and H-bomb experiments are carried on in cold blood. How can we, who have been confronted with rear of radiation sickness ever since the day of the atomic bombing, who have seen people dying due to the radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- even several in this year already -- watch these H-bomb experiments that contaminate air and water with indifference? We are determined not to hold our tongues any more, whatever force and authority we have to challenge.

   We are feeling a sensation or "resurrection" at this occasion, in which we finally could get together. If our ordeals and resurrection could play the role of a fort in protecting the life and happiness of humanity in the atomic age, we would be able to express from the bottom of our hearts,
   "We are glad that we are alive."

    Conveying our sincere gratitude and determination, we conclude this message from our meeting to the world.

    (August 10 1956)

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