March 2001
Ms. Teruko Yokoyama gives her testimony as a survivor of the atomic bombing at the World Court of Women Against War, For Peace, on March 8.

The following information is from the coordinating committee for the World  Court of  Women.

The World Court of Women, through personal testimonies of violence and of resistance, analyses of expert witnesses and inspiring vision statements of a jury of wise women and men, will seek to understand the roots of all wars in our times towards evolving more holistic perspectives for peace in the new millennium. A millennium in which we must begin to make wars against women and the violence of all wars, unthinkable.

While The  World Court of Women will be held on March 8, 2001, it will be preceded by two days of roundtables March 6 and 7, following three basic themes: the first theme will include issues ranging from globalisation, poverty and feminisation of poverty; to nation states and nationalisms to militarisation and militarism; the second theme will focus on International Tribunals and Public Hearings, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission moving towards new alternative concepts of justice; the third theme will include women's initiatives for peace, ranging from the participation of women in international peace processes to the healing of communities, towards new visions of peace. Several simultaneous roundtables will be organised around these themes.

On March 9, 2001 we will together create the World Women's Commission on Human Rights that we hope will provide the perspective and structure for extending and deepening the dominant human rights discourse, challenging it from the life worlds and visions of women and also from the communities and cultures of the global south.

Other events that are being organised around the Court include an International Film Festival on wars we must never forget, on peace we must dream together; an exhibition putting together the quilting and weaving of women who have survived and resisted war and armed conflict situations; an art installation on Comfort Women Survivors and other exhibitions including publications; a Women in Black action for peace and women's caravans.

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