[amsat-bb] Wisp & Settings

[amsat-bb] Wisp & Settings
From: Vincenzo Mone
Sun Jun 3 16:31:01 UTC 2018

I am trying to set the Wisp on Windows 10 but having problems to get the settings
permanent. If I go into Tracking and select the satellites I want to have under eyes,
when I close the GSC and shut down the PC on the next.

Start-up of the PC and the Wisp program, I get the lower part of the GSC program.

Empty. I have to go again in the tracking tab and select again the satellites but
at the next shut down and restart I am again at the beginning point.
What to do to get them permanent?

73 de Enzo IK8OZV

[amsat-bb] Re: Wisp & Settings
From: w4upd
Sun Jun 3 17:21:20 UTC 2018

I have the same problem. It is registry related since there is multiple locations in
the Windows 10 registry it tries to store the data. I find that if I enter just one
satellite (I usually use AO-07), then exit and restart GSC, all of the satellites
are back (until maybe the next reboot). If there is a software update to Windows 10
it almost always needs to be done again as I did above.

I don't think WISP32 is supported any longer so not sure this problem will get fixed.

Reid, W4UPD

[amsat-bb] Re: Wisp & Settings
From: Mark L. Hammond
Sun Jun 3 17:25:16 UTC 2018

Hello Enzo, I am only guessing but do have Gsc.exe running as administrator?
I used "right click" and made all .exe files in the Wisp directory to run as
administrator always. Please do that first and try again.

Mark N8MH.

[amsat-bb] Re: Wisp & Settings
From: w4upd
Sun Jun 3 17:56:16 UTC 2018

Makes no difference. That was the first thing I tried.
Then I started investigating the multiple locations that some of the Wisp data
was located in the registry. I found that I also had to add my station info back
in and then I would get the satellite tracking data in the lower part. Just got use
to having to make the previously mentioned inserts and then everything worked again.

Reid, W4UPD


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