ISS Shadow-Beacon Plasma Experiment #2

ISS Shadow-Beacon Plasma Experiment was carried out in November, 2011.
Please refer to my ISS_Shadow page for the concept and details of "Shadow".
The continuation experiment is conducted over from 1st to 10 February, 2013.
Please participate in this experiment in referring to the details of the lower URL.

ISS Shadow-Beacon Plasma Experiment

Space plasma experiment "Shadow" onboard International Space Station (ISS)
with participation of radio amateurs ... Main Page, Overview, Registration

ISS Plasma Thrust Shadow-Beacon Experiment Feb 1-3 and 8-10, 2013

[My suggestion over JA]

  2013-2-2  20:04|20:08JST  GS1
            20:09|20:13JST  GS2

  2013-2-2  21:40|21:42JST  GS3
            21:42|21:44JST  GS1
            21:44|21:46JST  GS2
            21:46|21:50JST  GS4

  2013-2-2  23:18|23:19JST  GS3
            23:19|23:26JST  GS4

  The real operation is one GS with one pass?

[ShadowBeacon UP]

  (1) Register to ISS Site
  (2) UISS - Setup - Shadow Experiment Wizard
  (3) Beacon Interval - 3
  (4) Country Code - Imput Country two_letter ISO code
  (5) Double_click the red button of the screen center to do Beacon OFF
  (6) File - Save As Report - It's saved automatically in Reports folder.

11:03-11:13UTC, 2 Feb 2013, Ele 25 WS-E-EN, 145.825MHz FM

[UISS v5.3.2 updated and registered]

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