ISS digipeat via ARISS 437.550MHz

 2012 Jun 10, 10:54-11:04 UTC

Unproto of ISS 437.550MHz is RS0ISS (see the upper figure).
I always setup it via ARISS. Even the setting of via APRSAT is OK.
Because the Doppler shift of UHF is bigger than VHF, it's difficult
to do digipeat in the simplex. It's set the reception frequency from
high to low. The transmission frequency sets it adversely from low to high.
You should set the SPLIT button of the rig to be replaced by the transmission
and reception automatically. Please refer to the manual book of the rig for
the setting of SPLIT.

       Uplink     Downlink
  AOS  437.541 - 437.559 
  TCA  437.550 - 437.550 
  LOS  437.559 - 437.541 

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