ISS SSTV mode PD180

ISS SSTV signal are being sent over Europe and North America. Many photos that
Yurii Gagarin astronaut has done the first successful space flight on 12Apr1961
are reported to the web site.  I, JE9PEL tried to replay a MP3 file that JA0CAW
received it on 21:24 UTC, 6 Sep 2014 over Japan. The mode of the file was PD180.
The duration time of PD180 mode are 187 seconds and the size is 640x496 color
differentiation. The other modes and settings are described in the following
MMSSTV site about more information.

ISS SSTV mode PD180 received by JE9PEL
13:05-13:12 UTC, 20 Dec 2014, Ele 6 W-WS-S, 145.800MHz FM
MMSSTV, Option-Setup-Clock 48000Hz, mode PD180

ISS SSTV 41220is1.wav 14.6MB

ISS SSTV 41220is2.png 1.0MB

ARISS SSTV gallery

11:30-11:37 UTC, 22 Feb 2015, Ele 8 W-WS-S, 145.800MHz FM

10:36-10:45 UTC, 23 Feb 2015, Ele 18 NW-W-S, 145.800MHz FM

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