How to decode the sound of HITSAT FM on MixW2

I was successful in the decode of the header in HITSAT FM 437.425MHz
packet data. These signals were switched on ONLY in the range of Japan.
And these 1k2 AFSK (FM 437.425 MHz) be able to decode by modem of
IC FX614 or TCM3105, becauce NOT AX.25 (not NRZ-NRZI).
I was successful in the decode of the header "JR8YJT" and ascii
in these FM data by using a soundcard program MixW2 (ver2.17).

> JR8YJT#!5020000100927205504,305,366,8;7A,34,388,99,2,5,8C,12D

 1. Click_right the volume button on your PC.
 2. Click the adjustment of Audio_property.
 3. Click the audio tab.
 4. Click the volume button of the audio record.
 5. Check the button of the monaural mixer.
 6. Run MixW2.
 7. Mode - RTTY
 8. Mode - Mode Settings - Check "Inverted, AFC, and Squelch"
 9. Mode - Mode Settings - Input "1800" Hz in TX and RX frequency box
10. Mode - Mode Settings - Select "Single filter" in Demodulator box
11. Mode - Mode Settings - Input "1200" in Shift box and Baud rate box
12. Mode - Mode Settings - Select "ASCII 7" in Charset box
13. Run Sound_Decoder "sndrec32.exe".
14  Playback "60928hit.wav" in the following URL.
16. Then the signals are decoded automatically on MixW2 window.

                                             Tnx.> JH4DHX/3, Ohtani

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