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FO-29 Satellite CW Telemetry Analysis Program fo29cwte Ver 3.10
Mineo Wakita JAMSAT Member fo29cwte.exe was developed by Visual Basic V6.0 for Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, 2000, Vista. FO-29 was launched at 17 Aug 1996 from Japan. This 'fo29cwte' program analyze automatically all CW telemetry data from FO-29 such as Current, Voltage, Temperature, etc. In this : fo29cwte.exe .... Program fo29cwte.txt .... Help text sample0.txt ..... Sample text 98/10/02 23:50 sample1.txt ..... Sample text 98/10/02 23:52 sample2.txt ..... Sample text 98/10/02 23:52 sample3.txt ..... Sample text 99/06/18 09:31 comdlg32.ocx .... C:\Windows\System32 directory 140Kb 99/05/07 00:00 olepro32.dll .... C:\Windows\System32 directory 106Kb 01/08/28 21:00 Vb40032.dll was necessary in C:\Windows\System32 for the Version 2.61. But this dll file is not necessary for the Version 3.10. This 'fo29tlme' contain comdlg32.ocx and olepro32.dll. If you have the old time stamp of these files in your PC, then replace these files into C:\Windows\System32. You must edit your received data from the satellite FO-29. The following sample0.txt was the data I got at Oct 1998. This sample contains one frame data. One line is 76 bytes such as 2*25+24+2. In one line, HI HI A6 07 81 77 00 9C FD CD 0C 42 79 5D 7B 47 91 8E 9C 69 C5 ...... You can analyze max 50 frames data. And you can decode automatically all CW telemetry data, and save, print, make a graph of all data. Refer to sample3.txt above. First, you must edit your received CW chatacters auch as the sample which from sample0.txt to sample3.txt Secondly, you must push "Datafile Selection" button in 'fo29cwte', and select the editted your text file. Then, you will get the analyzed many data in the box in 'fo29cwte'. Example analysis of sample0.txt: --------- Data 1 --------- Main Relay ON : DCM ON SRAM ON : Packet OFF JTA ON : JTD OFF GAS ON : SAS ON : UVC ON UVC Level 2 : PCU Mode AUTO PCU level 1 : Battery Mode FULL Battery Logic FULL : Digitalker Mode OFF : UVC ACT/PAS PAS CPU RUN/RESET RUN : Spin Period 16307.0 [msec] Sun Angle 140.5 [deg] GAS-Z 59313.7 [nT] GAS-X 45588.2 [nT] Solar Panel Current 1205.9 [mA] Battery Current -608.4 [mA] Battery Voltage 15.6 [V] Battery Middle Voltage 6.8 [V] Bus Voltage 15.3 [V] Analog Tx Power 584.4 [mW] Structure Temp. 1 5.4 [C] Structure Temp. 2 6.1 [C] Structure Temp. 3 5.8 [C] Structure Temp. 4 5.8 [C] Battery Cell Temp. 7.7 [C] About any equations to decode, refer to the following web. This '' program is FREE. --------------------------------------------- Name: Mineo Wakita / JE9PEL, JAMSAT member Mail: URL : QTH : Yokohama Japan, GL:PM95TJ Date: Dec 27, 2006 ---------------------------------------------

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