Beacon of FO-29

FO-29 command team says as follows,
but now ONLY 'Voice/CW Mode JA' mode in 2003.
and the beacon is 435.795 MHz CW.

Voice/CW Mode JA
Uplink   	145.900 to 146.000 MHz CW/LSB
Downlink 	435.800 to 435.900 MHz CW/USB
Operational, rotated with digital mode and digi-talker.

Digital Mode JD
Uplink     	145.850  145.870  145.910 MHz, FM Manchester Code
Downlink   	435.910 MHz 1200 baud BPSK
Digitalker 	435.910 MHz
Operational, rotated with analog mode and digi-talker.

Inverse heterodyne of FO-29

  Uplink      Downlink
  145.900 --- 435.900
  145.901 --- 435.899
  145.902 --- 435.898
     :           :
  145.950 --- 435.850
     :           :
  145.998 --- 435.802
  145.999 --- 435.801
  146.000 --- 435.800

  i.e. Uplink + Downlink = 581.800

> What is parameters of beacon modulation.

    The beacon is CW of the center frequency 435.795 MHz.
    The width of doppler shift are about +/- 9 KHz (when high elevation)
                                         +/- 6 KHz (when low  elevation)

> What is way to "kill" doppler shift except manual adjustment?

    When high elevation, about from 435.804 MHZ(AOS) to 435.786 MHz(LOS).
    When low  elevation, about from 435.801 MHZ(AOS) to 435.789 MHz(LOS).

> What is data broadcast through beacon?

    Yes, the beacon is the broadcast signal.

> How config the tranciver to recieve the beacon?

    CW mode (or SSB)

> What differences are between beacons of FO-20 and FO-29?

    The beacons of FO-20 and FO-29 is the same,
    but FO-20 is stopped and FO-29 is the health.

> What antenna?

    It is to be desired that the directional antennas
    with pre-amplifier.

> What modem is needed to work with FO-29 in Digital mode.

    Uplink     	145.850  145.870  145.910 MHz, FM Manchester Code
    Downlink   	435.910 MHz 1200 baud BPSK

    Now FO-29 digitalker is stopped.

    But JARL has officialy announced that FO-29(Fuji-3/Jas-2) is working as
    digitalker mode 21 - 26 Aug 2003 for Ham Fair JPN. For more information,
    but only Japanese language.

    Subject: Update on FO-29 (JAS-2)
    From: Emily Clarke
    Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 14:52:53 -0700

    Masa, JN1GKZ (whom I worked on AO-40 this morning :-))
    wrote me with the following update on FO-29:

    "FO-29 is now on digitalker mode. Big ham event Ham Fair is held at
    23 and 24 Aug in Tokyo. JARL decided to demonstrate FO-29 as digitalker.
    Many hams who are joining Ham Fair will hear voice from space. It is
    good opportunity to show the satellite communication world. I'm going
    to visit Ham Fair tomorrow.
    There is no plan for digital mode. FO-29 will back analog mode soon at
    26th Aug."
    Masa went on to write:
    "Special station 8J1HAM will be on from Ham Fair site. But there is no
    plan on satellite."

    Emily E. Clarke

    Subject: FO-29 Digitalker (from Japan)
    From: "ji1izr/Masahiro Sanada"
    Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 06:39:38 +0900
    Hello, everyone.
    This is JI1IZR/Masahiro from Japan.
    I attended in the Ham Fair in Japan.
    JAMSAT members, including me, demonstrated listening to the digitalker
    of FO-29.
    About 20 people attended in.
    They were able to catch the signal from the bird and got the QSL cards.
    The bird voice is of 'Bush warbler', 'Uguis' in Japanese,  instead of
    the voice of that we can hear at the begining of spring.
    Japanese likes the voice of the bird because it tells us that spring
    has come.
    Masahiro Sanada
    de ji1izr

> What do FO-29 in Digital Mode What do FO-29 in Digital Mode either
  forwarding like PACSAT or repeater only.

    No, Uplink is FM Manchester Code
        Downlink is BPSK,
    Now these modem are all sold out,
    and now ONLY 'Voice/CW Mode JA' mode in 2003.

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