CUTE1.7+APDII Telemetry Decoder

Developed by DK3WN,
CUTE1.7+APDII Telemetry Decoder,

Received by JA6PL at 20-24May2008:
CUTE 87CBADB17826236761391F
CUTE 87CBAEB87826236867391F
CUTE 87CBADBB38262468673217
CUTE 87CBADA87827245E69331F
CUTE 86CBA467382924A9663617
CUTE 87CAA4673828249E693117
CUTE 87CBA467382924A9583317
CUTE 87CBADA3782623775B351F
CUTE 87CAA367382825A8583017
CUTE 87CAA367382825A86C3317

I also analyzed using by 'Cute-1.7+APDII CW Checker'
Cute-1.7+APDII CW Checker,

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