CFG file link

* WiSP32 program is available:

Updated wisp3215.exe program is on the following web; You can receive KISS and TLM data from satellite by WiSP32.

* CFG file is available:

Uo5tlm.cfg for UO-22 Kitsat1.cfg for KO-23 Kitsat2.cfg for KO-25 are in on the following web; Tmsat1.cfg for TO-31 is on the following web; Uo12obc.cfg for UO-36 is in on the following web;

* DTLM program is available and Example:

Updated dtlm.exe program is in on the following web; Command example for TO-31 >dtlm /f tmsat1 /r 99051801.tlm /mp Command example for UO-36 >dtlm /f uo12obc /r 99042300.kss /mc You can dump to the 'Spool.tlm' log file immediately by Pause key and double D key strokes.

* TLMDC4 and KISS2ASC program are available: (tlmdc4.exe) ...........Telemetry Decorder (kiss2asc.exe) .......Converter from kiss to ascii Firstry you must get 'KISS file' from the satellite with WiSP32. And you specify this got KISS file name on DOS_PROMPT, then 'Tlmdc4' will be automatically decoded to the numerical data. Or you may convert into the ascii from the kiss with 'Kiss2asc'.

* FFTDSP program is available:

FFTDSP program (English) LTCONV converter to BMP (Japanese) LVIEW converter to GIF (English)

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