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私たちの世界の中心 :



The centre of the world for us :

Our apartment building in Fussa at the outskirts of Tokyo Metropolis.

Views from our apartment building
South-east Mt Fuji South South-west
Views of our apartment building
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Click to listen to the day time summer sound of cicadas recorded from our balcony
Click to listen to the evening autumn sound of crickets recorded from our balcony

Autumn Colors in the neighborhood:


Mt Fuji at sunrise on January 1st, 2001:

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My best friend Robert visiting (click here for his website). Cycling is my favorite way to explore the neighborhood


Sharing with friends and family members on visits creates double happiness:

  Visit Branden's amazing website here David in Japan more here New start with Mr Miyaki

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A multimedia Photo Story of my cousin Stefan visiting us in October 2006

(50Mb Windows Media Player 10 format)

view on You Tube here


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'Chappy' returned to his owner after being two months
on the loose!
  A Premium Photo taken by my cousin Stefan at the occasion of our visit to his home in Germany 2007



 福岡、長崎 熊本、宮崎など


Kyushu Island

Kyushu, the southern island of the 4 main islands in Japan; Saga city, home to Ezoe's family.

About Ezoe's Family history: Newsletters on request (Japanese only)

Newsletters Spring and Autumn  

twice a year from 2006 to 2011

See Our first travel there: August 2000

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  My parents visited in October 1994:

  Visiting Nikko

  Handling Japanese food:



View and listen to:  Photo Story of my father's pastel

(10 Mb file in Windows Media Player 10 format)

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The Slembrouck Family tree

going back to 1555

Courtesy of

Joseph Brusa


The oldest picture of
the Ezoe family taken in the Year of Meiji 23 or 1891

The oldest picture of the Slembroucks   taken in 1900  
No 27 大隈 重信 Okuma Shigenobu
No 30 フルベキ Guido H.F. Verbeek
No 36 江副 廉蔵 Ezoe Renzo

Our travel in Japan in May 2008
on Picasa 185 pictures

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at Nongkie's company festival

That's all for now folks!


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