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No matter where on earth, I express my position “NO WAR”.

People called terrorists on September 11th crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon Buildings with passengers. The result of this act left 10,000 civilians dead. They offered their own future and life for exchange.

I find that I cannot just simply criticize this act of terror.

America has always given priority to its own greed. These acts have resulted in a culmination of ending incredible pain and suffering for so many civilians in so many countries who have no resources for addressing their plight.

We can only dear with terrorism when we look at all the basic causes that have generated it.

There are no words that adequately express the absolute tragedy that has occured.

The American Goverment declares war which is a larger scale of terrorism. Agressive retaliation by America and supported by the Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi, will only cause this tragedy to continue.

Even though there is no one action I can do to prevent this build up of animosity and revenges, I express my position of “NO WAR”.

I engrave this deeply within my heart.

September 25 , 2001