Kazuhito Yamashita Art Circle
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"... already a legend in guitar circles ..."
The Guardian, London

"... a glorious display of tonal and dynamic ranges that are rarely
heard from one guitar"
The Globe and Mail, Toronto

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Latest concert program performed (Extracted)

Program list performed at Tokyo (1)

Program list performed at Tokyo (2)

Other program list

[ Concert of " Kazuhito Yamashita + bambini " ]

2004 Rome International Guitar Festival

2005 Nagasaki/Osaka/Seoul (Korea) Art Center Main Concert Hall

2006 Alessandria (Italy) International Guitar Festival/Nagoya/Hue (Vietnam) Royal Theatre

2007 Tokyo

Portugal : Santo Tirso International Guitar Festival

2007.7.12 Spain : Cordoba International Guitar Festival

2007.10.20 San Francisco Herbest Theatre

[Rome Guitar Festival]
19th September, 2004 Teatro Ghione

< All Music by Keiko Fujiie >
Guitar Sonata N 1
"The Blue Flower" (Guitar Solo)
- Allegretto
- Grave
- Scherzo
- Moderato
A Little Girls' Beautiful Lives (Guitar Duo with Koyumi)
- Morning with Roosters
- Floating Paper Boats on the River
- Bicycling to the Wizard's Wood
- Raindrops Recolour the Landscape
- Fireworks in a Starry Sky
- Birds Peck-Pecking on Branches
Kasane (Guitar Quartet)(World Premiere)
- So-jo
- Oshiki-cho
- Quartetto di chitarre Kazuhito Yamashita with Koyumi, Terukaku, Kanahi Yamashita

<Guitar concertos with Claudio Scimone & I Solisti Veneti>
[Venete festival]

*Trieste June 27,2002
A. Vivardi / Concerto in D RV 93
J. Rodrigo / Concerto di Aranjuez

*Padova June 28, 2002
M. Ponce / Concierto del Sur
J. Rodrigo / Concerto di Aranjuez

* Vicenza June 29, 2002
A. Vivardi / Concerto in D RV 93
J. Rodrigo / Concerto di Aranjuez

<Solo Recital>
[Treviso Guitar festival]

* Treviso September 21, 2002
[All  Bach Program]
Violin Sonata No.1 BWV1001 / J.S.Bach (arr. Kazuhito Yamashita)
Violin Sonata No.2 BWV1002 / J.S.Bach (arr. Kazuhito Yamashita) Violin Partita
  No.2 BWV1004 / J.S.Bach (arr. Kazuhito Yamashita) Violin Sonata No.3
BWV1005 / J.S.Bach (arr. Kazuhito Yamashita)