We accept your order by e-mail, too.

Please pay by JPY from PayPal.
We send the invoice of the total from PayPal.

We accept International Postal Money Order, too.
We do not accept IMO and any check from bank.
If you can not send IPMO from the post office of your country, please send cash in JPY.

The total includes the charge of PayPal.
You can order from Japanese site, but you must pay the charge of PayPal.

* 「在庫なし」means out of stock..

Please feel free to contact us. mail
Payment method
Paypal (JPY) *We send JPY invoice via Paypal after receiving your order.
International Postal Money Order (JPY)
Japanese Yen by Registerd mail (JPY)
Shipping method
EMS (Express Mail Service)
How to Use Shopping Cart
1. Decide a purchased item and choose "amount", and please click a button to "put in a basket".

2. Then your purchased item is put in a basket, and the inside of a basket is displayed. If article contents are right, please click a button "Register".

3. The cash register screen is displayed, please input your information ( shipping address, full name) and then click a button "confirmation ".

4. The confirmation page of article contents is displayed, please click a button to "order" if all right.

5. If on the message screen "thank you" is displayed, it is purchase completion.
Shop Information
Lapis International
Doll & Character Shop Lapis
4-9-25, Hirokoshingai
Kureshi, Hiroshima
737-0112 Japan
Business hours
We accept an inquiry by an email for 24 hours.
How to Order
We accept your order by e-mail.
Paymet method
Paypal (JPY)
International Postal Money Order (JPY)
Japanese Yen sent by Registered Mail (JPY)
Return policy
We DO NOT accept any returning merchandise for any reason.
We recommend our customers to ship all orders with insurance (EMS shipping).
In case colour of actual products may appear different from the picture due to photo quality.
Site administration
This site is administered by Lapiworld Incorporated.
Copyright information
All images and contents of this homepage belong to Lapis International.
Because of a copyright infringement, please do not copy images and contents without permission from Lapis International.
Privacy policy
Personal information provided by customers for our service.

Lapis International protects personal information according to the following policy.

Registering information of customers on our company site is information to identify customers individual.

We state the use purpose of customer's information clearly and do not use it besides the purpose.

Our company site does not do disclosure to the third party about customer's informations.

However we consider it to be an exception if customers correspond to below.
* Customer agree on disclosure of personal information.
* Disclosure is necessary by a law or a request of government offices.
I observe laws and ordinances and a model applied to the personal information that our company site holds.

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