Missing cats
I am looking for the two Norwegian Forest Cats !!


The container

made by ATLAS,
the upper is white and
the lower is blue
about 30x30x50cm


On Sunday,April 14, '02, they were stolen in the Sobu Line Train.
(from Yotsuya-Shinanomachi-to Sendagaya)

These cats are my treasures.
They are my friends,my children,
the important members of my family!!
I want to get back my cats.

I am looking for cats by various methods.
I consulted with the police, the quarantine station, the animal hospital,the detective,etc.
There is a rumor that animal was stolen in Japan may be sold overseas.
I need your help. Any little information will be pleased.

By the way,does the theft of PETS increase in your country?
Do you have experience in which your PETS was stolen?
Do you know the good method of regaining the stolen PETS?
I am glad when your experience and an opinion are taught.

Sachiko Watabe (Mail)
From Tokyo JAPAN

MER&MAY's Photos Here

Japanese Here

Missing Pets
We are looking for these Pets !!

Also we need your help to look for these pets, if possible.
We all should be very careful of PETS THEFT !!


The toypoodle


3color-Maine Coon

black & white kitten

3color kitten
(No Photo)

Recently the sad incidents of animals occured so often,
we are worring about our pets-our children so much !!
PETS THEFT is now bound to be increasing .
Pets may be simply stolen not only in the pet shows or
various events but in our everyday life.
Resale, animal experiments, the skin for Shamisen,
there are many purposes that can be supposed.
We must protect our pets-the important members of our family.
Thank you.

Sachiko Watabe (Mail)
From Tokyo JAPAN

pet name: MER (♀)

Norwegian Forest Cat

birthday:October 7,2001

color:blue torbie

pet name: MAY (♀)

Norwegian Forest Cat

birthday:May 15,2001

color:silver tabby