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    To report the results of my anthropological analyses on the morphology of human bones, I created this website. I am a physical anthropologist. I had studied anthroplology for over 40 years and, at the end of March, 2014, retired from the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo. But my work on some questions did not finish by that time. I, therefore, continued the analyses also after retirement.
September 15, 2018, I finished writing the first paper after my retirement, and published it personally on this site. In the papers published here, however, there are at least two drawbacks. One is that the manuscripts are not peer-reviewed, and the other, that I could not thoroughly read new papers on the relevant themes after my retirement. Futhermore, I am not good at English. I hope, however, that, at least, the data in the tables and the results of analyses are correct and reliable, and that readers themselves objectively judge the value of my papers.
    If you have any comments or questions, please contact me. Although I may not always reply to you, I may upload my view to "ADDENDA" in the website for each paper.

Papers published at this website:
Paper 1 Limits and Regularity of Morphological Variations in Our Species: Ecological Correlations between Craniofacial Measurements and Environmental Variables
Paper 2 In preparation
Paper 3 In preparation
Paper 4 In preparation

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