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link to official website of the 7th RG tribute festival in Tokyo Japan 10 Oct 2020: photo/movie album

Japanese book of Rory

link to official website of the 6th RG tribute festival in Tokyo Japan 06 Oct 2018: photo/movie album

Rory at 42 years old

link to official website of the 5th RG tribute festival in Tokyo Japan 21 Oct 2017: photo/movie album

Rory played Japanese guitar Guyatone Marroly, 1991

link to official website of the 4th RG tribute festival in Tokyo Japan 22 Oct 2016: photo/movie album

link to official website of the 3rd Rory Gallagher tribute festival in Tokyo Japan 18 Oct 2014: photo/video album

YouTube link to Taste Live at the Pop & Blues Festival -- I Feel So Good by Milo (6 min film from Essen 1969)

downloadable iphone artworks by megumi (03 Mar 2014 new work added)

my favorite photos of Rory - link to

link to official website of the 2nd Rory Gallagher tribute festival in Tokyo Japan 04 Nov 2012: photo/video album

still-dealing-in vinyl record shops - snapshots in Shinjuku Tokyo 23 Jun 2012

video and photographic report of
Irish Rock Special Tribute Night in Tokyo 28 Apr 2012

News of "The first recording by Irish guitar legend may have been uncovered..."

A wonderful way of tribute to Rory - introduction to YouTube video by Irish sculptor Joey Burns

The First Irish Rock Star - Japanese article by megumi

Telecaster/Esquire/Musicmaster - introduction to articles in "maybe i will..."

Rory Gallagher tribute live in Tokyo 13 Jun 2011

only one shot of "Johnny Winter live in Tokyo" 14 Apr 2011 - link to flickr photo by megumi [no-rory]

Duke Of Court mural of Rory, Belfast 2011 by Daved H.

professional photographer Zoran Veselinovic took Rory in Novi Sad, Serbia 1985 - link to flickr photo set / also able to see sets of other greatest musicians and PhotoZoran

Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival in Japan 2010 websitelink to official website of the 1st Rory Gallagher tribute festival in Tokyo Japan 19 Sep 2010. Photos and videos are available on the website.

Rory in Manchester 1987, Hanley 1988, T&C2 London 1992 by John W.

the first London convention, Hammersmith Nov 2003 by John W.

"Legendary musician and songwriter played here." Ulster Hall, Belfast 2009 by David H.

"He lived on this street." snapshots in Cork Jan 2009, part 1 by megumi

visiting Rory's grave: snapshots in and out of Cork Jan 2009, part 2 by megumi

Rory in Manchester 08 Oct 1987 by John W.

Rory in Manchester 20 Nov 1988 by John W.

snapshots at music shop town Ochanomizu Tokyo Jan 2009 by megumi

snapshots at comic and PC game town Akihabara Tokyo Jan 2009 by megumi [no-rory]

Rory in Liverpool 05 Dec 1988 etc. by John W.

photo gallery: IRELAND 1994-2004 by megumi [no-rory]

memorabilia 1969-1978 in North America by Don H.

a rock bar at Akihabara, Tokyo Mar 2008 by megumi

rare photo of Taste's final gig, Belfast, 24 Oct 1970 by Martin F.

Rory live in Novi Sad, Serbia, 18 Jan 1985 from Milan Z.

donation to The Rory Gallagher Music Library, Cork 2007 (megumi)

RockChic exhibition, Dublin Jan 2007 by megumi

Rory Gallagher Live in Japan

74/01/23 Tokyo 2CD
74/01/25 Tokyo 2CD 2CD
74/01/26 Tokyo 1CD 2CD 2CD
74/01/27 Nagoya 2CD DVD
74/01/28 Osaka

pic: Music Life (japanese mag 74)
75/01/26 Tokyo 2CD 2CD
75/01/27 Tokyo 2CD
75/01/28 Osaka
75/01/29 Nagoya
75/01/31 Osaka

pic: Ongaku Senka (japanese mag 75)
77/10/25 Nagoya 2CD
77/10/27 Hiroshima 2CD
77/10/31 Osaka 2CD 2CD
77/11/01 Osaka
77/11/03 Tokyo (afternoon) 2CD
77/11/03 Tokyo (evening) 2CD
77/11/04 Tokyo 2CD
77/11/05 Tokyo (afternoon)
77/11/05 Tokyo (evening) 2CD

pic: Ongaku Senka (japanese mag 77)
91/02/19 Kawasaki 2CD
91/02/20 Kawasaki 2CD
91/02/22 Osaka
91/02/23 Nagoya
91/02/24 Tokyo 2CD

pic: Young Guitar (japanese mag 91)

rare 8mm movie film of Rory Gallagher Live in Japan
Nagoya Japan, 27 Jan 1974

with audio "Too Much Alcohol"

with audio "A Million Miles Away"

8mm film and 2 cassette tapes filmed and recorded by an audience were digged out from Nagoya Japan in 2008, later in 2011 adopted in a bonus footage "Japanese Tour '74" for official release Blu-ray/DVD Rory Gallagher Irish Tour '74. LIVE in JAPAN 2CD

Welcome to independent tribute site to Rory Gallagher (1948-1995).

I like Rory Gallagher very much. I have been a fan of Rory since late 1970s. But I was a young and stupid girl, I missed all chances to see him in live in Japan. So I felt regret and guilty when I saw a news of his death. I realized what man we lost. Then I began to collect Rory's records, listen to his music more intently than before, as if I try to fill the lack of my live experience of Rory.

Now I've got some records, CD/DVD and memorabilia of Rory, just because I want to enjoy hearing or seeing Rory more and more. Good friends of mine have supported me from Europe, North America, Oceania and in Japan.

Being a greater collector of Rory Gallagher? No, it is not my goal. I would be able to collect most of those things with money. But I can never purchase friends who share items, information, and people who talk to me their own stories of Rory. I want to share with those Roryfans. Because Rory gave us what he had without putting aside anything in his short life.

I am looking forward to contact from Roryfans all over the world.
-- Megumi (m.m) --

Pages in this site are English/Japanese bilingual.
Forgive me for my poor English.

About pictures.
Pictures in my site are mostly snapshots taken with normal handy camera,
not directly scanned, and downsized to GIF files.

Melody Maker 29 Nov 1975 issue.

"We never see Rory Gallagher performing in poor quality show. He always presented excellent and perfect guitar especially in live"... It's a same old story of reviewing Rory Gallagher or Taste, at least in Japan.

I don't think so... Ya, I believe it's true, in 1970s Rory came to Japan and surprised Japanese audience and review writers with more than 150% perfect beautiful concerts and his faithful behavior. But if "always excellent" or "always perfect" was true, I would get tired and stop to hear Rory before I collected 100 titles of his shows. After I heard more than hundred of his live recordings, I came up to know, occasionally he played in bad condition or made failure, very rare but even he confused us, and he was yelled at by young audience in his later years. He was not a guitar machine or ageless superman, not much less a "god". He was a mortal man who loved guitar too much. Nevertheless, he always made us wild with passionate guitar and thrilling voice. It was always his top priority to entertain us. He gave us all he had. He played as if he would die tomorrow so he should play all tonight. So, I love him, I am driven to hear more and more of his music.

Most people who knew him personally have been saying, Rory was a nice guy, polite and kind, good to weakers and losers. He was an angel ! But we have read in some biographical books to know how Rory suffered from physical and mental problems, holding dark side in himself. However, that is what a man should be, having positive side and negative side. If someone like a god who had positive side only, then God would not need to have mercy on him. Rory was a mortal man so he got old, declined and died. Beyond our inquisitiveness, some serious and sad stories in his biography remind us how the life should be lived. (Still we regret he died too young.)

God would bless and accept such guy, allow him to play guitar in Heaven - Rory Gallagher band live show that never ends! Don't you think so?

Please contact

Please put or do not remove the words 'Rory Gallagher' on your mail subject.
By 'Rory Gallagher' subject, I will be able to distinguish your mail from spam.
Thank you for all Roryfans' cooperation.
Megumi (m.m)

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guitarist site
Daniel Wherrett Guitar Tuition (from England)
Daniel appears in Rory's video as young audience at the Marquee London 1972!

portraitist site
Theo Reijnders (from Netherlands)
Painting Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and more blues, jazz, rock musicians.

photographer sites
fin Costello (from Ireland)
Pat Comer (from Ireland)
Zoran Veselinovic's PhotoZoran (from UK)

Rory Gallagher The Official Website

Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival

Rory Gallagher Music Library, Cork City Libraries

Japanese sites
Rory Gallagher Live in JAPAN
Japanese Rory Gallagher tribute site "maybe i will..."
Rory Gallagher (by Reiko)
muew's Rory Gallagher Web Site
shinolez's blog "Rory na mainichi"

Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival in Japan official website
Also follow the Facebook page.

Rory Gallagher relic guitar (private custom made) courtesy of h.h. Photo copyright © 2007 Megumi Manzaki.
Murphy the basset hound lived with us for 10 years and died on 19 Nov 2010.


TONS OF SOBS, Molten Gold (Paul Kossoff tribute)
- Sat. 13 Mar 2021, 19:00-
- Reservation required.
- Crawdaddy Club, Shinjuku Tokyo

100 FEET (acoustic)
- Tue. 30 Mar 2021
- 獅子王, Sugamo Tokyo

For inquiries about these live schedules:

Photo © Megumi Manzaki.

Hope to enjoy together. More information on the official website.

O.E. Gallagher live at 獅子王, Tokyo, 06 Feb 2021 -0388
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iphone photo 3246: Red bag and a camera. 22 Jan 2021
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link to Theo Reijnders
link to Theo Reijnders

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link to PhotoZoran
Photo © Zoran Veselinovic.

Tribute by sculptor Joey Burns

fin Costello photograph book

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