Panoram photo from 20the floor of Melia Hotel nea Hoan Kiem Lake. By clike and open 4366x1094 panorama
By clicking and opne 43656x1094 big panorama and also big file of 770 KB.
President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum was opened on September 2, 1975 Hanoi Cathedral
Ho Chi Minh was died on Sep. 2, 1969 and this day became commemorable day Seeing inside is 7:30 - 10:30 in winter, 8:00 - 11:00 in Summer Sandals, short pants, photos prohibited
Inaugulated on Christmas Day in 1886 after two years of construction, neogothic style Also called as Saint Joseph Cathedral Left nave
Humble stained-glass It was just holding mass, Seats were fully occupied. Similar to Notre Dame
Bride and bridegroom Street by the Cathedral Oldest University and Temple of Literature
Vietnam beaurocrat tests done between 1075 to 1919
Confucius Mausoleum Built in 1070 University started in 1076 82 stones carved names
 of persons who passed the bureaucrat tests test was once in 3 years Confucius Statue
Typical Chinese style Entrance fee 2,000 DONG Summer opens in 7:30-17:00 Winter, 8:00-17:00
It used to be an education agency for Royal children and it has opened to general public Became oldest university in Vietnam Current buildings were made in 19th century
monuments of university is one of Hanoi symbols Bikes are everywhere bikes in cross section
Vietnam harp in restaurant This has only one string View from Hanoi Hotel Sunset of Lake Giang Vo
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