An Alternative & Heretical Immunology

The aim of this site is to understandably explain the close relationships between autonomic nervous system and immune system by an innovative point of view, and the etiology and treatments of clonic and autoimmune diseases.

by Toyohiko Urakawa, DVM, Ph D,

who is responsible for all figures, tables and descriptions

The ‘Fukuda-Abo’ Theory Introducing Site in English


Here I would like to provide a web site introducing a heretical immunology over all. It is the fundamental law of the autonomic nerve and immunity, or the mechanism of immune system in the physical condition in other words.

The contents of this site are huge and are not written in any modern textbooks of immunology, but are mind-boggling for almost all readers nevertheless. Maybe, unfamiliar for almost all people, even including ‘professional’ immunologists.

However, the Fukuda-Abo theory, should be an uncommon word, was really eye-opening for me when I came across a book written about this theory in 2001.

The theory is based on the close relationships between the autonomic nervous system and the immune system.

So I would like to introduce this theory first time in English in order to solve the problems in medicine, especially the etiology and healing procedures of most chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Here I showed the three major integration systems of whole-body. They are the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system.

The interactions between the nervous system and the endocrine system are crystal clear. However, the interactions between the nervous system and the immune system were not clear for a long time.

The ‘Fukuda-Abo’ theory explains the close relationships between the nervous system and the immune system through the autonomic nerves. “The autonomic nervous system controls the immune system” in a word.

Additionally, six biologically important clock genes are ticking and making a basic biological rhythm.

This figure shows the immune organs and tissues in a human body.

More than half of lymphocytes of the whole-body are located in the lymph nodes and Peyer’s patches of the small intestine. That is why cancers in the ‘lymphocyte-rich’ small intestine are rare.

By contrast, cancers in the colon are high-frequency, whereas lymphocytes are far less than in the small intestine. The colon is the ‘granulocyte-rich’ organ. Therefore, colorectal cancers occur at a high level.

The total numbers of human somatic cells are 6 billions. And that of immune cells are 0.2 billion. It’s about 3%.

It is necessary to see the immune organs and tissues from an evolutional point of view in order to realize their functions in immune response. I’ll mention it in the next page.