Toyota sports 800 runs the whole course of Suzuka 500km race not to replenish fuel

There are many episodes that Toyota sports 800 left in motor sports world.
The endurance race that a characteristic of a machine is made use of in the
maximum inside is suitable "stage" of Toyota sports 800.

It will be No. 1 Suzuka 500km race of 1966 that is representative.
Toyota sports 800 was too powerless when compared it with a skilled machine of fairlady 1600,
skyline GT, Honda S600,Lotus ELAN.

However, Toyota sports 800 sailed fast against expectation when became a race
and touched it at a good position from a start.
And Toyota sports 800 kept the characteristic alive and rose on the top when latter half.

The influential machine group which I stand, and lie to a pit for gas refueling.
It is from 1967 that a refueling device was established permanently by each pit.
Therefore, it was made whether each machine rushed in six refueling pumps set up specially
between leader boards from a last corner.

Therefore the hand plan of a house, the influential machine lost valuable time in refueling in vain.
Shihomi Hosoya and Toyota sports 800 of Mitsuo Tanaka continued sailing fast while examining
such a scene in looking askance at.
Even if a race has the end game, it is Toyota sports 800 group that there is not of a pit inn sign to do at all.
It was not to cut unreasonableness that rivals fretted.

In Toyota sports 800 group, a thing of unpaid oil gives glory to victory after all.
The mileage of 31km/L of stock is not a lie.
It is wonderful that Toyota sports 800 ran through an around 9km/l at speed of a competition level.
Fuel of an around 30% was had for the fuel tank that it was increased by 70L after having received a checkered flag.

Besides, a tire is no exchange, too.
It can run for 500km once again, and it may be said that it is a benefit of a lightweight body that abrasion was a little.

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