Swan Dance

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Suimin's Original Arrangement (1)

From "Swan Lake" Composed by Tchaikovsky 

Danses des Cygnes@(Swan Dance)

I started working on arrangement of this piece by chance.  I was originally looking for an orchestral score of "Danse Napolitaine (Naples Dance) " from the ballet "Swan Lake".  I wanted to play Danse Napolitaine by solo.   I thought it would require an accompaniment for solo.  Although I obtained an orchestral score of "Suite of Swan Lake", Danse Napolitaine was not included in the suite.  I was rifling through the score to find the score of Swan Dance.  I thought Swan Dance would be good of an ocarina ensemble and started working on it.   In spite of unfamiliar C clef etc,  I was able to put it together into a score for ocarina ensemble.   I was happy when my ocarina friends said they liked it.   They say they have been addicted to it or it is very enjoyable to play. I would like to try arrangement of other songs as well. 


Composition of the ensemble

One Piccolo in C
One Piccolo in F
One Alto in C
One Tenor in F
Two Basses in C  


  @Ocarina Ensemble  (mp3, 243kb)


Sample music score below

swan.gif (25691 ƒoƒCƒg)

Download of complete music score

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