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What is "Cyber Ocarina Band SuiminS" ?

SuiminS is an armature ocarina band.
It does not exist in the real world.
It's a "Cyber" Ocarina Band that only exists on the Web!

SuiminS records the songs electrically by multi-track recording technique.
Every part is played by Suimin.


Notes about downloading sound and music score files


In order to listened to sound files, you need a plug-in software such as Real Player.   You can download Real Player Basic for free

If the sound interrupts, right click on , save as a file and open the file with a sound software such as Windows Media Player or Real Player.

In order to brows music scores.  You can download Acrobat Reader for free

As parent think about their kids,  I would like to know how you enjoyed and used the sound files (ocarina ensemble and midi) and music score files within this website.  Please cooperate below.

It is free to listen to or download the sound and Midi files or music sheets here, of course.  It would be appreciated if you could send me your message..  If you haven't done so yet, please cooperate in Ocarina Road feedback form as well. .Thank you.

Please let Suimin know if you will use the files for the purpose(s) other than your personal enjoyment (such as the use in public space, musical performances, music schools, recordings, publishing, websites, etc.)

Please do not distribute the files.  If you use it for website music, please let me know and place a link to


It is sometime difficult to hear sound of ocarina with built-in speakers.  Please try an external speaker, head-phone or ear-phone. @


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