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All songs in this page were played by Suimin.

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  Division by Italian Ground (158kb)  Composed by Robert Carr
Played with 6 Ocarinas.
   Sicilienne (157kb) Ocarina Solo
Composed by Paradis
  from Dvorak Symphony No9 (354kb)  Ensemble for 4 ocarinas.


Suimin Original Arrangement

  Danse des Cygnes 
(Swan Dance) (243kb) 
  Arabian Dance (513kb)  Details
  Divertiment 2nd movement (669kb)  Details


Eine Kleine NachtMusik (by Mozart K525)

  1st movement
 (first half) (498kb) (stereo)

  1st movement
 (last half) (481kb)

  2nd movement
 (621kb) (stereo)

Arranged by Kenji Ogawa for six ocarinas.    The sample of the music sheet from Chaco's Ongaku Kobo.


Japanese melodies

  Furusato@(211kb)  The title means hcountry home". For three ocarinas.
  Hamabe no Uta (373kb)  A beautiful Japanese song composed by T. Narita. The title means " Sea Shore Song"   By two alto C ocarinas.
  Hana (290kb)  This piece was composed by Taki Rentarou.  The title means "flower", in this case, specifically referring to cherry blossom.  The lyrics is about beautiful scenery along Sumida River in Tokyo.  By two alto C ocarinas.



The message in Yahoo Ocarina Club about the performance here. 

  Hymn No 312 (215kb) (stereo) What a Friend we have in Jesus
byW Charles Crozat Converse
Ensemble for 4 ocarinas.
  Hymn No 106 (138kb) Les anges dan nos campagnes
Traditional French Carol
  Hymn No 109 (132kb) Silent Night by 4 ocarinas.
  Hymn No 111 (161kb) Ensemble for 4 ocarinas.
  Hymn No 112 (101kb)  Joy to the world
Ensemble for 4 ocarinas
  Hymn No285 (256kb) Thy way, not mine, O Lord
by Weber
  Hymn No320 (307kb) Nearer, my God, to Thee



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