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All songs in this page were played by Suimin.

Click the play button to listen to Suimin's solo ocarina recordings.

If the sound interrupts, right click on
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Please also see notes about downloading the files.

It is sometime difficult to hear sound of ocarina with built-in speakers. 
Please try an external speaker, head-phone or ear-phone. 

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  Auld Lang Syne (58kb)  Scottish folk song
    Sicilienne (157kb) Ocarina Solo
Composed by Paradis
  Annie Laurie (190 kb)  Ocarina Solo
  Aogeba Toutoshi (63kb) Scottish folk song.  I don't know the English title.  In Japan, this song with Japanese lyrics is sung at  graduation ceremonies.
    Song that my mother taught me Live-recorded at Chapel of Keisen University, Japan, Nov 6, 2005



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