Muti-track recording

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Guide to multiple track recording using a PC.


PC (There may be a specification needed to this but I'm not sure)


Software which has multi-track recording function
Here I explain using DigionSound Light You can down load the demo version for free and you can use all the functions for 30 days including saving the files.  Unfortunately, the software seems to be available in Japanese only.  I believe there is other software which has this function. 

Music Score if needed

Musical instrument (or your voice!)

Earphone / headphone

  Not absolutely necessary but is very helpful for synchronizing all the parts.


Install the software and connect the microphone and earphone to the PC.

Define the quality of recording 

Record metronome sound onto track No 1. 
Play the metronome and record onto track 1.  A couple of measures extra at the beginning of the song will be helpful afterwards.
Save the file now and anytime you want after this.

Record the Part 1 onto track No 2.
Add Track No 2.
Listening to the metronome sound on Track 1 through the earphone, you play and record the Part 1 onto track 2.  

Record the Part 2 onto Track 3.
Add Track No. 3
With DegionSound Light, you can select which track(s) you hear while recoding. Listening to the Track(s) you already recorded (in this case, the metronome sound and / or Part 1), you play record Part 2. 

If it is a duet, that's it!   If there are more parts, repeat above process.  DigionSound Light enables you to record up to 6 tracks.

If you finish recording, you can delete the metronome part.

You can edit the sound using the software, for example:
Delete unnecessary noise before and after the song.
Adjust the volume for each part.
Noise reduction.
Add sound effects such as Echo.
Convert to appropriate file types.


How did it go?


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