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There are various Ocarinas in the world. 

The sound or timbre, however, differs by the makers and the players.

Here, I put together the web sites where you can hear Ocarina performance or sound samples.

  You might find your favorite timbre or performance styles.

If the English version is not available, try using automatic translation




Artist / Site names (Top pages) Music titles etc
aiai club A lot of original pieces
Ken Asukas' page Ocarina library
Masami Ishiduka The day birds disappeared from the sky
@Shigeru Oikawa (Jipang) Haru no Ashioto etc
@Hiromichi Ocarina factory Two-octave ocarina performance etc
Gakubun Sogo Music center
Ocairna correspondence class 
Miagete Goran Yoruno Hoshi-o
Kaze no Torimichi What a friend we have in Jesus (Converse) etc
  The Goose Shori no Ai etc
Sibuonpu's Ocarina Hall Bird's song etc
Seto Ocarina Factory Green Sleeves etc
Sojiro Ave Maria
Sweat Poteto Ocarina Group Air on G string
Zenkkyu Ibuki
Sorgente Air on G string@etc
Tsurezureni Poko a Poko My Old Kentucky Home (Multi-track recording)
Toshikazu Sen-no-Kaze-ni-Natte
  Tomizo Soshu
Night Samples
Tomoaki Hashizume Csardas
Huming Bird Yume-no-Kakehashi
Duo Piano & Ocarina Kojoo-no-Tsuki etc
‚s‚n‚t‚f‚n Ocarina Amahibiki@@(Togo Fujita) Handel Recorder Sonata G moll@etc
Flute & Ocairna Kan@iKenji Ogawa)  Kyrie


  Mineaki Hotta Inochi no Uta etc
  Mikako Hontani Tanpopopo@(No. 14) 
Mulberry Nuts Oh Suzanne etc
Masahiro Miayamura Hoshi no Tabibito etc


Milto's ocarina world ‚b‚c & Samaple


Mori No Uta Mori no Hito tono Yakusoku
Andi Paulo Acoustic loops Samples
Diego Modena Song for Ocarina etc
Fabio Menaglio Spring etc
FLYING PIPER El condor passa etc
Free Windy Click on "xxxMb"
Giorgio Pacchioni L'Usignolo Polka etc


Keiji Clip Board Bird's song
Ocarina.de Samples
STL Ocarina U-tube
Suimin's Ocarina Road This site !


If you have a website which has ocarina sound clips, please let Suimin know.

I would like to put the link here.

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