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 Heidenroeslein    Composed by Welner


This in anew trial of multi-track recording.  

A couple of my ocarina friends who live far from each other

participated in this recording.

(Recording::April 2002,  Publication: June 2002)


Music    MIDI


Completed "far-distance" ensemble  (mp3, about 81kb) 


Method: I, Suimin distributed the base recording as an mp3 of the melody part. The participants downloaded the mp3 file, recorded their own parts by using Digion Sound Express etc along the base recording.   Then they sent me their files through e-mail etc.   Finally I combined the files into one competed ensemble.


Composition of the ensemble  

Two Alto in Cs
 (Alto C1 can be replaced by Piccolo F)

One Tenor in F  


Music Score: 

nobara(F)72.gif (9211 バイト)

Next step: This time, I asked cooperation from limited number of people to check the feasibility of this idea.  Now that the experiment was succeeded, I would like to plan a next step where I would ask more people to participate.  I'd appreciate our inputs.

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