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12-hole Ocarina fingering chart

Aketa Doublet


In this list, Ocarinas made by different makers are sorted by the Basic Scale

The list will be updated continuously.

Ocarina with higher sound range appears upper rows.

Please also see here for schematic presentation of several ocarinas.

Basic Scale Sound Rage Maker and Product Names
Aketa Piccolo in C@(T-1C, RT-1C)
Okamoto Soprano C
Ogawa Ocarina Piccolo in C
Cantare 1C Piccolo
Kobanawa pottery Jomon Ocarina S.C (Soprano in C)
Night Soprano C (SC), Soprano Mini SC
Ti Amo Soprano C
Hayakawa Ocarina Piccolo
Healing Ocarina Soprano C
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Do 1ª@

Aketa Larigo in G (T-3G, RT-3G)
Okamoto Soprano G
Cantare 2G Alto bella
Kobanawa pottery Jomon Ocarina S.G  (Soprano G)
Night Soprano G (SG)
Hayakawa Ocarina in G
Healing Ocarina Soprano G
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Sol 2ª@
Aketa Cornetino in F (T-2F, RT-2F)

Okamoto Soprano F
Ogawa Ocarina Alto in F
Cantare 3F Alto dolce
Kobanawa pottery Jomon Ocarina S.F (Soprano G)

Ti Amo Soprano F
Night Soprano F (SF)
Hayakawa Ocarina in F 
Healing Ocarina Soprano F


Aketa T-6E flat
Auros Alto in C
Aketa Cornetta in C(T-5C, RT-5C)
Aketa Sonnet in C@(S-5C, RS-5C)

Okamoto Alto C
Ogawa Ocarina in C
Cantare 4C Tenor mezzo
Kobanawa pottery Jomon Ocarina A.C  (Alto in C)
Ti Amo Alto C
Night Alto C (AC)
Hayakawa Ocarina in C
Healing Ocarina Alto G
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Do 3ª 


Aketa T-8B flat
Aketa Alto in G (T-9G)
Okamoto Tenor G
Cantare 5G Fresco basso
Kobanawa pottery Jomon Ocarina A.G (Alto in G)
Night Alto G (AG)
Hayakawa Ocarina G Bass
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Sol 4ª
Aketa Tenor in F (T-10F)
Okamoto Tenor F
Ogawa Ocarina Tenor in F
Cantare 6F Piacevole basso
Kobanawa pottery Jomon Ocarina@A.F (Alto in F)
Ti Amo Alto F 
Night Alto F (AF)
Hayakawa Ocarina F Bass
Aketa Bass in C  (T-12C)
Okamoto Bass C
Ogawa Ocarina Bass in C
Cantare 7C Pu basso
Kobanawa pottery Jomon Ocarina B.C (Bass in Cj
Ti Amo Bass C
Night Bass C (BC)
Hayakawa Ocarina C Bass
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Do 5ª 
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Sol 6ª 
Cantare 8F Grando basso
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Do 7ª 
Fabio Menaglio Ocarina Sol 8ª



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