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Kenji Ogawa's Flute & Ocarina site
An informative site on Ocarina.

Kenji Ogawa is a professional Flute player.  He also makes and plays the Ocarina of his own.

I am helping him with the translation of the site.

If you ask me, he is the best Ocarina player in the world !

Chaco's Music Studio Music scores for Ocarina are available. Also you can purchase Ocarina ensemble scores and minus one CD for Ocarina practice.
Ocarina Hall
You can hear the author's original songs and Duo of Ocarina and guitar.
Otsuka Gakki K.K.
A major Ocarina maker in Japan. This Austrian ocarina site includes a lot of lovely ocarina recordings.
Nishideo's Home Page The webmaster is one of my Ocarina friends. 
Yahoo Ocarina Club This is the place where ocarina fans from all over the world meet.  (English)
Tsurezureni Poko a Poko You can listen to ocarina ensemble.  Also there are topics on various musical instruments including very unique ones. 
Ocarina@Kobo@Ritsu A professional maker and player of Ocarina in Okayama prefecture, Japan
aiai club There are Usshi-san's original ocarina songs played by various makers' ocarinas.
HIYODORI Music Room You can hear how the webmaster has been learning the ocarina. Also available is an innovative Ocarina fingering chart.
Asuka's@Ken no Osetsusitsu A lots of ocarina sound files, including Japanese folk songs.

Duo Concert Piano & Ocarina

You an hear duo of the Piano and Ocarina both played by the author.

Kenji Kawashima@Religion and cut studies

The webmaster is my of my ocarina friends.

Keiji Clip Board

Essays on ocarina and nature and various other things.

Humming Bird

Humming Bird is group consisting of ocarinas and a keyboard, who play mainly in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.


CANTARE Ocarina is used by some professional ocarina players.


You can listen to recorder and ocarina music.

  Path of the Wind

You can hear solo performance by big ocarinas, which is rare.   I think the wall paper is nice, too!
o.fhqn No Ongaku Mura-kara

From P.GIRO's Music village

A site for music education for children.  Music sheets and MIDI for ocarina.
Masahiro Miyamura Masahiro Miyamura's webpage.  He is an ocarina payer from Ooita prefecture, Japan.
Nakagita Ongaku Kenkyusho They make minus-one CD / MD for ocarina and Taisho-koto.

@Ocarina Plaza

Ocarina directory.
10 holes Webshop specialized in Harmonica, Ocarina, Quena, Pan-flute, etc.
Let's Play the Ocarina in the nature Videos and mp3 files related to Ocarina.
Ocarina Famlia Ocarina group in Kaiduka, Osaka city, Japan
Morino Uta Ocarina & Marinba Duo.  The ocarina player is a member of Sweet Poteto Ocarina Group.
POPOLO Ocarina




Kiiwako-no-Yakata One of my friend's home page regarding Chinese history and reading.
Daisuki Mother Goose
Website regarding Mother Goose containing Information of Mother Goose Songs used in films and literature. 
Suteki Ni Kuraso Usako, the webmaster, as well as her husband are into ocarina playing and making.   
  Otamajakushi no Takarabako Selection of variety goods using musical motif
Shimotuke Gakuin Prep school in Tochigi, Japan
Kenji Kawashima My ocarina friend's HP
Gakki de ON-gaku
Ongaku No Ai o Eienni...
Gakki to Onagaku no Yakata

It would be great if I could add your ocarina websites or other websites on this page.

Please contact Suimin for the details.

I would like to be linked to your sites as well.




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