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"Memory and Mourning: Six Decades after the Two Wars," Paper presented for the Plenary Session "Philippines and Japan under U.S. Shadow" at the First Philippine Studies Conference of Japan (PSCJ 2006), November 4-5, 2006 at the Tokyo Green Palace Hotel (organized by the Organizing Committee of PSCJ 2006 and Kanagawa University)


"Lost in Memorialization? : Unmaking of 'History Issues' in Postwar Philippines-Japan Relations," Paper presented at the Symposium: The Philippines-Japan Relationship in an Evolving Paradigm, March 8-9, 2006 at the Don Enrique Yuchengco Hall, De La Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila (organized by JICC Embassy of Japan, Japan Foundation, Manila, and Yuchengco Center, DLSU)


"The Filipino World War II Veterans Equity Movement and the Filipino American Community," Pacific and American Studies 6 (March 2006): 53-81.

"South to South across the Pacific: Ernest E. Neal and Community Development Efforts in the American South and the Philippines," Japanese Journal of American Studies [Japanese Association for American Studies], No.16 (2005): 181-207.

"Gabriel L. Kaplan and U.S. Involvement in Philippine Electoral Democracy: A Tale of Two Democracies," Philippine Studies [Ateneo de Manila University Press] Volume 52, No.2 (2004):149-178.

"A Tale of Two Democracies: Scenes from Bilateral Philippine-U.S. History of Electoral Democracy." (Paper prepared for the Kyoto American Studies Seminar 2003, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, July 24-26, 2003).


"Politics of Mourning," in Ikehata Setsuho & Lydia N. Yu Jose, eds., Philippines-Japan Relations. Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2003. [ISBN 971-550-436-1]

Availabe at Amacon. Com!

"Nation, Nationalism and Citizenship in the Filipino World War II Veterans Equity Movement, 1945-1999," Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies, Vol.32, No.2 (December 2000): 33-53. 


This paper is also available on American Coalition for Filipino Veterans' website with the author's permission.

Equity Campaign History

"Appeasement and Coercion" in Ikehata Setsuho & Ricardo Torota Jose (eds.), The Philippines Under Japan: Occupation Policy and Reaction. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, c1999. [ISBN 971-550-332-2] 

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"In the Language of the Occupier: Recent Work on the Japanese Period in the Philippines", Social Science Japan Journal [Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo/ Oxford University Press], Vol.2, Number 2 (October 1999): 267-272.

available in PDF format at Oxford UP's website

"The "Windfall" Revenue Controversy (1937-1941): A Perspective on Philippine Commonwealth History," Pilipinas [Arizona State University], No. 28 (Spring 1997): 31-60.


"US Philippine Policy and the Interpretation of National Interest: The FDR Administration and the Philippine Question, 1935-42," The Journal of American Studies [The American Studies Association of Korea], Vol.28, Number 2 (1996 Winter): 475-502.


"Post War Philippines: Distant from Asia" (Paper prepared and presented for the International Conference on the closing of the Pacific War, Pegasus House, Shizuoka, Japan, August 23-25, 1995).

."Captain Hitomi's 'goodwill' missions in Luzon and Panay, 1942-43: a logic of conciliation in the Japanese Propaganda in the Philippines" (Paper prepared and presented for the 13th IAHA Conference, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, September 5-9, 1994).


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NAKANO Satoshi (Nakano is his family name, Satoshi is his given name) received his graduate training at Hitotsubashi University in history. His dissertation focuses on the Philippine-U.S. relations during the Commonwealth era (1935-46) regarding the revisions of Tydings-McDuffie Law (1934 Philippine Independence Law), which was published and won the Shimizu Hiroshi Award of American Studies from Japanese Association for American Studies in 1997. His current research projects focuses on Japanese Occupation, postwar Philippine-U.S.-Japan political/cultural relations on war memories, immigration, and democracy. He served as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at Kobe University and currently serves as Professor at Hitotsubashi University.@