Constellation tour in Spring
Virgo (The Virgin)

Date & Time: May 3 2005, from 21:17 to 22:20 JST(+0900)
Mosaic of 3 images with 20 minutes exposed
Optical: SMC TAKUMAR f=105mm F2.4, Aperture: F4.0, with Cokin Diffuser-1 filter
Auto-guided with Kenko SKYMEMO Equatorial
Camera: PENTAX 67
Film: Ektachrome E200 (+1EV pushed)
Location: Hitachi-Oota city, Ibaraki pref.

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The Virgo is the second largest constellation after Hydra. The constellation is very hard one to identify its shape because most of stars are fainter than third magnitude excepting Spica, alpha Virginis. And it's positioned far away from the milky way, so you can observe lots of galaxies over two thousand visible with medium-sized telescopes.
The name of Spica with white color has meaning of "ear of wheat" carried by the goddess, and has an another name of the pearl star in Japan.

Guide for Deep Sky Objects

M49 .....Large elliptical galaxy at southern edge of the Virgo Cluster, 41 million ly. away
M58 .....A bared galaxy just 6 deg west of epsilon Vir in the Virgo Cluster
M59 & M60 .....Paralleled two elliptic galaxies at the eastern edge of the Virgo Cluster
M61 .....Spiral Galaxy NW of gamma Vir, 41 million ly. away
M84 & M86 .....Two paralleled elliptics around center of Virgo Cluster
M87 .....A large elliptical galaxy in central region of Virgo Cluster, known as "Virgo A"
M89 .....Small elliptical galaxy 1 deg. east of M87, 41 million ly. away
M90 .....A spiral galaxy 40' north of M89, 41 million ly. away
Sombrero Nebula M104 .....Edge-on Galaxy near the boundary on Corvus, 65 million ly. away
NGC4030 .....A spiral galaxy belonging to Vir Cluster in 4deg. SE of beta Vir
NGC4123 & NGC4116 .....2 barred galaxies paralleling with an interval of 15 arc min. lying west region
NGC4216 .....An edge-on galaxy near the boundary on Coma Berenices
NGC4365 .....An elliptic galaxy in southern region of Virgo Cluster
NGC4429 .....Medium-sized lenticular galaxy in southern Virgo Cluster
Around NGC4438 .....A warped Galaxy & surroundings in center of Virgo Cluster
Around NGC4442 .....Small galaxies in southern Virgo Cluster
NGC4517 .....An edge-on and its companeon galaxy 3deg. NW of gamma Vir
NGC4526 .....Medium-sized lenticular galaxy in SW region of Virgo cluster
NGC4527 .....Medium-scaled spiral galaxy 4.5 deg. NNW of gamma Vir.
NGC4535 .....Medium-sized spiral galaxy with S-shaped & opened arms at SW region of Virgo cluster
NGC4536 .....An unique-shaped spiral at SE edge of Virgo Cluster
NGC4567 & NGC4568 .....Small colliding galaxy pair in south of Virgo Cluster
Around NGC4654 .....Medium-sized galaxies in eastern Virgo Cluster
NGC4697 & NGC4699 .....Two elliptic galaxies paralleling at the southern region of Virgo
NGC4731 .....S-shaped galaxy positioned in southern region
NGC4753 .....An irregular galaxy in center of Virgo, 55 millions ly away
NGC4754, NGC4762 .....Edge-on & bared galaxies paralleling in Virgo Cluster
NGC4818 .....Medium-sized barred galaxy in south of Virgo Cluster, 75 million ly away
NGC4866 .....Large but dimmed spiral in northern edge of Virgo
NGC4939 .....Spiral galaxy with arms loosely wound in 5deg. west from Spica
Around NGC4958 .....Small-scaled galaxy group lying central region
NGC5018, NGC5022 .....Small spiral galaxies paralleling at 9 deg. south of Spica
NGC5044 Group .....Small-scaled galactic group in southern region of Spica
NGC5084 .....An edge-on Galaxy in SE edge, 80 million ly away
NGC5170 .....An edge-on galaxy in 7deg. south of Spica, 96 millions ly away
Around NGC5221 .....Three small galaxies positioned near Bootes & Canes Venatici
NGC5247 .....A spiral galaxy in 8deg. SSE of Spica, 72 millions ly away
NGC5363, NGC5364 .....Elliptic and proportioned spiral around borders of Hydra and Bootes
NGC5426, NGC5427 .....A coliding galactic pair in eastern region of Virgo
NGC5566 .....Interacting galaxy with companions, 80 million ly away
Around NGC5576 .....Three small galaxies positioned in eastern region
Around NGC5746 .....A pair of edge-on & spiral galaxies in east edge of Virgo
Around NGC5846 .....Small galaxy group in east edge of Virgo, 85 million ly away
The Virgo Cluster .....Vast group of galaxies spreading between Vir & Com, 40 to 50 million ly. away
The Markarian's chain .....Gentle curve consists of several galaxies in the Virgo cluster
Arp 248 .....Small interacting galaxy pair in SW region of Virgo
Quasar 3C273 .....The brightest quasar around NW of gamma Vir, about 2.5 billion ly. away

The Big Dipper


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