Constellation tour in Spring
Ursa Major (The Big Bear)

Date & Time: Mar 25 2000, 22:28 JST(+0900), 35min. Exp.
Optical: SMC TAKUMAR f=55mm F3.5, Aperture: F4.8, with Cokin Diffuser-1 filter
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI JP Equatorial
Camera: PENTAX 67
Film: Ektachrome E200 (+1EV pushed)
Location: Ooizumi vil., Yamanashi pref.

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The Big Bear, Ursa Major, is the third largest constellation in the skies, seen at northern sky in evening of spring. The constellation has no first magnitude stars, but the Big Dipper that forms the bear's tail is a rough guide on the clarity of the evening's sky.
Though Ursa Major contains no bright celestial objects, it has plenty of galaxies in outer space.

Guide for Deep Sky Objects

M40 .....A double star about 1.5 deg. NE of delta UMa
M81, M82 .....Pair Galaxies above the head of Bear, 18 million ly. away
M97(Owl Nebula) .....Round planetary nebula 2 degrees East of Beta Ursae Majoris
Pinwheel Galaxy M101 .....Face-on Galaxy 4 degree East of Mizar, 22 million ly. away
M108 .....Irregular galaxy 2 degrees East of Beta Ursae Majoris
M109 .....Compact galaxy 40 minutes SE of gamma UMa, 41 million ly. away
NGC2685 .....A small "Polar Ring Galaxy" positioned at the mouth of Big Bear
NGC2742, NGC2768 .....Spiral & elliptic galaxies at the throat of Big Bear
NGC2787 .....Small galaxy positioned 3deg west of M81 & M82
Around NGC2805 .....Medium galaxy and companions in head of Ursa Major
NGC2841 .....A spiral galaxy at the tip of Big Bear's forefoot
Around NGC2857 .....Three paralleling small galaxies 3 deg. SW of theta UMa.
NGC3079 .....At the root of hindleg, a bit warped edge-on galaxy
NGC3184 .....At the tip of hindleg, a dimmed face-on galaxy
NGC3198 .....Medium sized spiral galaxy at the tip of hind leg of Big Bear
NGC3310 .....Face-on galaxy with bright nucleus & dimmed arms in SW of beta UMa
NGC3319 .....Medium-scaled but faint barred galaxy at 3deg. east of mu UMa
NGC3631 .....Spiral Galaxy in 5deg. west of gamma UMa, 70 millions ly away
NGC3642 .....Spiral galaxy in the Big Dipper, 90million ly away
NGC3675 .....Small spiral galaxy between hind legs of Big Bear, 40 million ly. away
Arp299 (NGC3690, IC694) .....Small coliding galaxy pair in the Big Dipper
Arp205 (NGC3448) .....An irregular galaxy in 3deg. SSW of beta UMa.
NGC3718, NGC3729 .....Two bared-galaxies 3deg. west of gamma UMa
NGC3726 .....A medium sized spiral in 2deg. WSW of chi UMa, 55 million ly away
NGC3938 .....Well-proportioned face-on galaxy in 4deg. SE of chi UMa, 55 million ly away
NGC3945 .....Inconspicuous bared galaxy between alpha and delta UMa
NGC3953 .....Medium-sized bared galaxy 1.3 deg. south from gamma UMa
NGC4036, NGC4041 .....Lenticular & spiral galaxies paralleling at north of Big Dipper
NGC4051 .....A seyfert galaxy at the hind leg of Big Bear.
NGC4088 .....An unique-shaped spiral between M106 & M109
NGC4157 .....Small edge-on galaxy lying between M106 & M109
NGC5474 .....An indistinct spiral lying 44 arc minutes south of M101
NGC5585 .....Medium-sized spiral galaxy in 4deg. NE of M101
IC2574 .....A large but dimmed irregular galaxy in northern region of UMa
Abell 1185 .....Galaxy cluster at a border to Leo, 430 millions ly away
Molecular Cloud around M81, M82 .....Distribution of dimmed inter-stellar gaseous matter around northwest of M81 & M82


The Big Dipper

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