Constellation tour in Autumn
Triangulum (The Triangle)

Date & Time: Jan 29 2006, 19:49 JST(+0900), 20min. Exp.
Optical: SMC PENTAX f=165mmF2.8, Aperture: F4.0
with Cokin Diffuser-1 filter
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI JP Equatorial
Camera: PENTAX 67
Film: Ektachrome E200 (+1EV pushed)
Location: Ooizumi, Hokuto city, Yamanashi pref.

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Triangulum lies just Andromeda's left leg. You can easily find the snug isosceles triangle formed three stars with the third and fourth magnitudes. Though the origin of Triangulum isn't known distinctly, has fairly long history registered in the Ptolemaic constellation. Now, the shape of constellation is often applied a set square.
The constellation contains one of Messier's objects, a faint face-on spiral galaxy of M33, it's one of major deep sky objects in the autumn skies like the Andromeda Galaxy (M31).

Guide for Deep Sky Objects

M33 .....Large and noticeable spiral galaxy, 2.6 million ly. away
NGC672, IC1727 .....Two medium-sized spirals in edge of southwest
NGC925 .....Bared galaxy 2 deg east of gamma Tri
NGC973, IC1815 .....Small edge-on galaxy in east region, 200 million ly. away
Arp 166 .....Small interacting galaxy pair positioned at central region
Quasar 3C48 .....Image & spectrum of a quasar just north of M33, 4.1 billion ly away



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