Constellation tour in Autumn

Date & Time: Oct 13 2001, 24:22 JST(+0900), 25min. Exp.
Optical: SMC TAKUMAR f=105mm F2.4, Aperture: F4.0, with Cokin Diffuser-1 filter
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Camera: PENTAX 67
Film: Ektachrome E100S (+2EV pushed)
Location: Ooizumi vil., Yamanashi pref.

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Perseus is a hero in the myth of ancient Ethiopian story; he rescued Princess Andromeda from the monster Tiamat (constellation of Cetus). He holds a sword in his left hand and a head of Medusa in right one. The asterism consists of plenty of bright and faint stars because of being just bathed in the Milky Way.
Beta Persei "Algol", that marks the Medusa's eye is a noticeable eclipsing binary system, changing from 2.2 to 3.5 every about 3 days. The name itself means "The Demon's head".
And the constellation is also famous for a major meteoric swarm, the Gamma Persei, it has the peak of appearance in the middle of August every year, you can appreciate from 60 to 120 meteors per hour.

Guide for Deep Sky Objects

Double-Clusters ..... Two attractive Open Clusters between Perseus & Cassiopeia
California Nebula ..... Diffused Nebula 1 degree North of Zeta Persei
Nebulosities around the California Nebula ..... Wide-field image of southern part including the California Nebula
M34 ..... Open Cluster 5 degree NW of Algol, 1400 ly. away
M76 ..... Small planetary nebula at the western edge bordering to Andromeda
Around Mel.20 ..... Open cluster spread around alpha Persei
NGC1003 .....An indistinct edge-on galaxy on a border to Andromeda
NGC1023 ..... Medium-sized galaxy 3.5 deg. south of M34
NGC1333 .....Small reflection nebula in southern edge, WSW of omicron Per.
NGC1342 ..... Medium-sized open cluster 4 degrees west of California Nebula
NGC1528, NGC1491 ..... Open cluster & diffused nebula about 8 deg. east of alpha Persei.
NGC1579 ..... Small reflection nebula 6 deg. east of California nebula.
Sh2-211, 212 ..... Diffused nebula & open cluster near a border to Auriga & Camelopardlis
Around IC348 & IC1985 ..... Small reflection nebula just south of omicron Per & neighboring nebulosities
IC1985 .....Close-up of a reflection nebula vicinity just south of omicron Per
Nebulosities between Perseus & Camelopardalis .....Wide-field image of distribution of emission & dark nebulae striding Camelopardalis
Sh2-205 ..... A vast but dimmed diffused nebula spread around a border of Camelopardalis
Sh2-210 .....A dimmed 20' diameter diffused nebula near a border to Camelopardalis
vdB24 .....Small reflection nebula 3deg. NW of the California Nebula
Perseus I Cluster ..... Medium-scaled galactic cluster 2deg. ENE of Algol, 230 million ly away.



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