Constellation tour in Summer
Lupus (The Wolf)

Date & Time: May 18 2001, 23:04 JST(+0900), 20min. Exp.
Optical: MD Rokkor f=50mm F1.4, Aperture: F4.0, with Cokin Diffuser-1 filter
Auto-guided with Kenko SKYMEMO Equatorial
Film: Ektachrome E200 (+1EV pushed)
Location: Koumi town, Nagano pref.

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The constellation of Lupus, the Wolf, is found at the south of typical constellation in summer, Scorpius. Lupus has fairly lower altitude of meridian; it's not noticeable very well at Japan. But actually, the constellation lies in the Milky Way it is packed with many bright stars.
Lupus is narrowly squeezed between Centaurus to the west, Scorpius to the northeast. The constellation itself is fairly difficult to separate from Centaurus; in fact, Lupus had been the part of Centaurus in antiquity.
It's considered that almost all of bright stars included in Lupus are belonged to the "Scorpius-Centaurus moving cluster", and they're traveling toward west all in one body. It's very young stellar-group less than five millions years old.

Guide for Deep Sky Objects

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