Constellation tour in Summer
Draco (The Dragon)

Date & Time: Apr 21 2006, from 24:11 to 24:51, 24:53 to 24:33 JST(+0900)
Mosaic of 2 images with 40 minutes exposed
Optical: SMC TAKUMAR f=105mm F2.4, Aperture: F3.5, with Cokin Diffuser 1 filter
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI JP Equatorial
Camera: PENTAX 67
Film: Fujichrome VELVIA 100 (+1EV pushed)
Location: Ooizumi, Hokuto city, Yamanashi pref.

ASCII/Astroarts StellaNavigator
The constellation of Draco is circumpolar; its gigantic curve surrounding the Little Dipper of Ursa Minor is one of characteristics. Stars forming the curve are fairly fine, but the head of dragon is clear as a strained square and one of that is the second magnitude.
This dragon was a guard of the golden apples in the Hesperides. A Greek Myth tells that Hercules stealed the golden apple by outwitting the dragon.
Alpha Draconis, Thuban, is the third one from the tip of tail, was once the Pole Star about 5000 years ago. This fact is because that the direction of rotational axis is circling with a period about 26 thousand years, so-called "precession". To say, the Pole Star changes one after another as time passed. For an example, Vega, Alpha Lyrae, will be Pole Star about 13 thousand years later.

Guide for Deep Sky Objects

NGC4125 ..... A compact elliptic galaxy at the tail of Dragon
NGC4236 ..... Very large but indistinct edge-on galaxy lying around tail of Dragon.
NGC5866(M102) ..... Compact elliptic galaxy near border to Bootes, M102 is a informal number
NGC5905, NGC5908 ..... Bared and spiral galaxies paralleling 3.5 deg. SSW of iota Dra.
NGC5907 ..... A fine edge-on galaxy near the boundary on Auriga
Around NGC5982 ..... A galactic trio with different shapes around center of Dragon's body
NGC6015 ..... A spiral galaxy in central region of Draco
NGC6140 .....Medium-scaled spiral galaxy in central region, 48 million ly away
NGC6503 ..... An edge-on galaxy in eastern regio of Draco
Cat's eye Nebula ..... An elliptical planetary nebula near the head of Draco
Tadpole Galaxy ..... An anomalous shaped galaxy bathed in center of Draco, 450 millions ly away
Arp330 ..... Small-scaled galay chain bathed in 6deg. west of beta Dra.


Ursa Minor

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