Constellation tour in Autumn

Date & Time: Sep 11 1999, 25:35 JST(+0900), 18min. Exp.
Optical: SMC PENTAX f=165mm F2.8, Aperture: F4.0
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Camera: PENTAX 67
Film: Ektachrome E200 (+1EV pushed)
Location: Koumi town, Nagano pref.

ASCII/Astroarts StellaNavigator
Cassiopeia was the wife of Cepheus, the Ethiopian king, and the mother of Andromeda. The asterism clearly shows the chair upon which Cassiopeia sits. It looks like a shape of "W", and is a guide to find out the Polar Star like the Big Dipper. Japanese had given the asterism names of "The stars of Anchor" or "The stars of shape of mountains", and so on.
The constellation is bathed in the faint autumn's Milky Way, so includes various nebulae and star clusters.

Guide for Deep Sky Objects

M52 etc. .....Open Cluster near the border to Cepheus, and neighbored Nebulae
Nebulosities around Cassiopeia & Cepheus .....Distribution of dimmed nebulae around border to Cepheus
M103 .....Open Cluster 1deg ENE of delta Cas., 3740 ly. away
NGC129 .....A sparse open cluster at central region
NGC147 .....A dimmed elliptical galaxy in 7.5 deg. north of M31, 2.4 million ly. away
NGC185 .....Small elliptic galaxy near a boundary on Andromeda
NGC281 .....Diffused Nebula 2 degree East of Alpha Cassiopeiae
NGC457 .....Open Cluster 4 degrees SW of Gamma Cassiopeiae
Around NGC663 & M103 .....Several open clusters around between delta & epsilon Cas.
Bubble Nebula(NGC7635) .....Small diffused nebula with a round structure just SW of M52
NGC7789 .....Beautiful Open Cluster 3 degrees SW of beta Cas, 13 thousand ly. away
Around NGC7790 .....Medium clusters NGC7788 & 7790 2.5deg NW of beta Cas
IC10 .....Small irregular galaxy 1.5deg. east of beta Cas, 2.69 millions ly away
IC1805 .....Vast reddish nebula with 1 deg. diameter at the border to Perseus
IC1848 .....Diffused nebula paralleled with IC1805
IC59, IC63 .....Faint reflection nebulae around gamma Cas.
Sh2-157 .....Anomalopus shaped diffused nebula on boundary of Cepheus
Around Sh2-163 .....Dimmed and compact H-alpha nebulae distributed between beta Cas & M52
Sh2-173 .....Dimmed & round diffused nebula at 3deg. NE of beta Cas.
Sh2-176 .....Dimmed planetary nebula in 1.5 deg NW of alpha Cas
Sh2-188 .....Arc-shaped supernova remnant 3deg. south of delta Cas.
Sh2-202 .....Extraordinary indistinct diffused nebula spread on border to Cameropardalis
Maffei I & II .....Close dimmed galaxies in NE of Double Clusters
Abell85 .....Dimmed ring-shaped supernova remnant 3 deg. NNW of beta Cas



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