Part 1 Sceneries in dusk
Rendez vous in evening sky, Feb '99

Date & Time: Feb 20 1999, 18:17 JST(+0900), 15sec. Exp.
Optical: MD Rokkor f=35mm F2.8, Aperture: F5.6
Film: Ektachrome E200 (+2EV pushed)
Location: Ooizumi vil., Yamanashi pref.

We could appreciate the approach of Venus and Jupiter in evening western sky on Feb 1999. This splendid celestial event occured the first in last 24 years. Although this photo was taken in 3 days to the nearest approach, the image shows you the Venus in lower and the Jupiter in upper, they had the glitter in a break in clouds. Besides, the Crescent Moon above the planets had added to the gaiety of the event in the evening.

Venus & Jupiter in evening sky

The trail of Venus into Mt. Yatsugatake

Copyright(c) 1999 by Naoyuki Kurita, All rights reserved.
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