Deep Sky Object in Spring
NGC5053 (Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices)

Date & Time: Dec 22 2004, from 26:47 to 26:57 JST(+0900)
Composed 4 shots with 2.5 minutes exposed
Optical: Meade 25cm(10") Schmidt-Cassegrain with conversion lens (f=1600mm, F6.3)
Auto-guided with Meade LX200 Equatorial & Pictor 201XT
Digital Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro
Location: Ooizumi, Hokuto city, Yamanashi pref.

Camera Settings: Recording Format...12bit CCD-RAW, converted to 16bit TIFF(3024×2016)
CCD Sensitivity...ISO1600, White Balance...Auto

NGC5053 / Globular Cluster, type XI
R.A.13h 16m 24.0s (2000.0)
Dec.+17° 42' 00" (2000.0)
Apparent Size10.5'
Real Size150 light yrs.
Distance49500 light yrs.
NGC5053 is a dimmed globular cluster in the constellation of Coma Berenices, positioned about 1 degree southeast of M53, a medium scaled globular in same constellation. NGC5053 is extraordinary sparse cluster, it was recognized as an open cluster when discovered. The cluster contains only 4000 member stars, it's abnormally small scale for globular clusters.


Omega Cluster(NGC5139)

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