Deep Sky Object in Winter
NGC1961 (Galaxy in Camelopardalis)

Date & Time: Nov 22 2014, from 24:29 to 25:07 JST(+0900)
Composed 6 shots with 6 minutes exposed
Optical: Meade 25cm(10") Schmidt-Cassegrain with a conversion lens (f=1600mm, F6.3)
with BaaderPlanetarium Moon&Skyglow filter
Auto-guided with Meade LX200 Equatorial & Pictor 201XT
Digital Camera: Canon EOS 600D (Remodeled)
Location: Ooizumi, Hokuto city, Yamanashi pref.

Camera Settings: Recording format...14bit CCD-RAW, converted to 16bit TIFF(5184×3456)

NGC1961 / Galaxy, type SAB(rs)c
R.A.05h 42m 03.7s (2000.0)
Dec.+69°22' 44" (2000.0)
Apparent Size4.5×2.9'
Radial Velocity+3983km/s
Distance170 million light yrs.
Group of Galaxies -
Other IDsIC 2133, UGC 3334
CGCG 329-8, Arp 184
MCG +12-6-7, IRAS 5365+6921
PGC 17625
NGC1961 is a spiral galaxy with a size of about 5 arc minutes positioned around the central region of Camelopardalis. This image shows clear arms but they have warped shapes. It's considered that the shape is from the interactions with surround galaxies. The galaxy is lying at about 170 million light years away.



Copyright(c) 2014 by Naoyuki Kurita, All rights reserved.
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