Deep Sky Object in Summer
Nebulae in northern region of Antares

Date & Time: May 20 2017, from 23:34 to 24:01 JST(+0900)
Mosaic of 2 flames of 2min.×6shots
Optical: BORG 67FL, with a conversion lens (f=324mm, F4.8)
with BaaderPlanetarium Moon&Skyglow filter
Auto-guided with Kenko SKYMEMO Equatorial
Digital Camera: Nikon D810A
Location: Furudono town, Fukushima pref.

Camera Settings: Recording Format...14bit CCD-RAW, converted to 16bit TIFF(7360×4912)
Device Size...FX format (36×24mm)
Sensitivity...ISO3200, White Balance...Daylight

This image shows you a star filed around northern region of Antares in Scorpius with a span of about 5 degrees. There is a vast dark nebula in this area, and very complicated reflection and ionized nebulae are tangled. It can be said this field is one of the most colorful areas in the heavens. A dark nebula near Antares is reflecting the Antares's light and we can see it as an orange-colored reflection nebula, has a number of IC4606. And you can see a round bluish reflection nebula of IC4604 in upper side, is reflecting a blue light from rho Ophiuchi. And one more, a reddish diffused nebula of Sh2-9 in right hand side is glittering by ionized hydrogen gas activated from the light of sigma Scorpii, the mechanism of luminescence is different from that of former two nebulae.

Diffused Nebulae in Cygnus

Nebulosities around head of Scorpius

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