Around Crisium, MARE

Date & Time: Aug 4 2012, 22:27, 24:28 JST(+0900), Record Time: 30sec. each
Mosaic of 2 flames
Optical: Kasai 20cm(7.9") Newtonian(NERO-200DX), afocal method with PanOptic 35mm eyepiece
Synthesized focal length f=2074mm (equivalent f=14824mm in 35mm film format)
Auto-guided with TAKAHASHI EM-200 Equatorial
Digital Video Camera: Canon iVIS HF-M41
Location: Hitachi city, Ibaraki pref.

Camera Settings: Mode...FXP(24Mbps), Aperture Value Auto
Lens...f=61mm (equivalent f=436mm in 35mm film format), Stop: F3.0
300 flames stacked & wavelet processed with Registax6

The Crisium, MARE (Sea of Crisis) lying at the eastern edge is a elliptic lunar sea with spans of 500km in east-west and 400km in north-south direction. The sea is surrounded by mountainous districts on all sides, perfectly isolated from other planar features. It looks long in north-south direction because the sea is positioned near the edge, actually Crisium, MARE has a shape of long in east-west direction.
The sea was formed that the lava filled a hollow of "Crisium Basin".

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INDEXNAMECrater's Diameter
ACrisium, MARE-
BFecunditatis, MARE-
CTranquillitatis, MARE-
DSomniorum, PALUS-
ELand. point of LUNA 24 (Aug 18 '76) USSR

Around Frigoris, MARE

Around Humboldt

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