The whole view of Milky Way in Autumn

Date & Time: (GB image) Oct 31 2011, from 21:37 to 21:45 JST(+0900), 3min. x 5shot
(R image) Oct 31 2011, from 21:59 to 22:15 JST(+0900), 4min. x 5shot
RGB composed of 2 images
Optical: SIGMA 15mm EX Fish-eye, Aperture: F3.2
with Lee No.1 soft filter (GB image), R64 filter (R image)
Auto-guided with EYEBELL CD-1 portable Equatorial
Digital Camera: Nikon D700
Location: Hitachi-oota city, Ibaraki pref.

Camera Settings: Recording Format...14bit CCD-RAW, converted to 16bit TIFF(4256 x 2832)
CCD Sensitivity...ISO800(GB image), ISO6400(R image)

This Fish-eye view shows you a flow of Milky Way in autumn from west to northern skies. The Milky Way is crossing night skies from sinking Cygnus in west, via Cepheus and Cassiopeia, to Perseus and Auriga rising from northeast skies.
This image has RGB compose processed from normal image and an image with red filter to emphasize H-alpha nebulae distributed in the Milky Way.

The Milky Way above yellow dust

Cygnus to Perseus

Copyright(c) 2011 by Naoyuki Kurita, All rights reserved.
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