Milky Way in Cygnus to Perseus

Date & Time: Jul 25 2015, from 26:23 to 27:02 JST(+0900)
Mosaic of 3 flames of 3min.×4shots
Optical: SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM (f=35mm, Aperture: F2.5)
with Astronomik CLS-CCD filter
Auto-guided with Kenko SKYMEMO Equatorial
Digital Camera: Canon EOS 550D (Remodeled)
Location: Koumi town, Nagano pref.

Camera Settings: Recording Format...14bit CCD-RAW, converted to 16bit TIFF(5184×3456)
CCD Sensitivity...ISO800

This picture shows you the flow of autumnal Milky Way from the Cygnus in lower right and continuing to the Cassiopeia and Perseus in left side.
The Milky Way in autumn is the dimmed stellar river connecting the Milky Way of summer and winter, it hangs up around the zenith seeing at the northern hemisphere. The Milky Way isn't flowing down toward the southern skies, the southern constellations in autumn look like fairly sparse being apart from the Galactic plane. But the field around the Cassiopeia in center of this picture contains many nebulae and star clusters, we can never get weary of exploring in autumnal Milky Way.

The whole view of Milky Way in Autumn

Around Cassiopeia

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