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People had continued to gaze at stars through the ages, and imagined various objects, animals and people by connecting stars each other in the characteristic asterisms. These figures were linked with the ancient Greek mythology. The original forms of some constellations were created at that time.
In the beginning of this century, astronomers put those constellations in order and established 88 constellations. The celestial sphere is strictly devided into areas of these constellations now.

I've collected some pictures of major constellations visible at Japan in this album classified with suitable seasons to see each one.

The Database for 88 Constellations is available.

I've reproduced constellation charts into this album from a software for Astronomical Simulation, "StellaNavigator" with permission.
"StellaNavigator" is a Japanese commercial product released from AstroArts Inc. and ASCII Corp.

StellaNavigator Ver.5.0, Copyright © 1999 AstroArts Inc./ASCII Corp.

Constellations in Spring
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Great curve and triangle in spring, f=16mm fish-eye, 66KB
Diamond in spring, f=16mm fish-eye, 67KB

Leo (The Lion), f=105mm standard, 46KB
Ursa Major (The Big Bear), f=55mm wide-angle, 57KB
The Big Dipper, f=105mm standard, 51KB
Virgo (The Virgin), f=105mm standard, 55KB
Bootes (The Herdsman), f=105mm standard, 69KB
Cancer (The Crab), f=105mm standard, 51KB
Hydra, 2 images of f=24mm wide-angle, 62KB
Corvus (The Crow), f=165mm tele, 52KB
Crater (The Goblet), f=165mm tele, 50KB
Centaurus, f=24mm wide-angle, 35KB
Vela, Pyxis & Antlia(The Sail, Compass & Pump), f=24mm wide-angle, 38KB
Lynx (The Wild cat), f=24mm wide-angle, 58KB
Leo Minor (The Little Leo), f=50mm standard, 48KB
Canes Venatici (The Hound Dogs), f=50mm standard, 42KB
Coma Berenices (The hair of Berenice), f=50mm standard, 58KB
Sextans (The Sextant), f=50mm standard, 48KB
Crux (The Southern Cross), Digital camera, 53KB

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Constellations in Summer
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Great triangle in summer, f=18mm wide-angle, 91KB

Scorpius (The Scorpion), f=105mm standard, 55KB (Consists of 2 images)
Cygnus (The Swan), f=105mm standard, 113KB
Sagittarius (The Archer), f=105mm standard, 67KB
Lupus (The Wolf), f=50mm standard, 41KB
Lyra, f=85mm tele, 82KB
Aquila (The Eagle), f=105mm standard, 71KB
Hercules, f=105mm standard, 77KB
Serpens & Ophiuchus, f=24mm wide-angle, 87KB
Corona Borealis (The Northern Crown), f=165mm tele, 53KB
Corona Austrina (The Southern Crown), f=80mm tele, 63KB
Scutum (The Shield), f=50mm standard, 49KB
Libra (The Balance), f=50mm standard, 73KB
Delphinus (The Dolphin), f=300mm tele, 86KB
Sagitta (The Arrow), f=300mm tele, 74KB
Vulpecula (The Little Fox), f=50mm standard, 60KB
Draco (The Dragon), f=105mm standard, 62KB
Ursa Minor (The Little Bear), f=165mm tele, 70KB

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Constellations in Autumn
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Andromeda, f=105mm standard, 99KB
Pegasus, f=105mm standard, 89KB
Triangulum (The Triangle), f=165mm tele, 70KB
Cassiopeia, f=165mm tele, 85KB
Cepheus, f=105mm standard, 85KB
Perseus, f=105mm standard, 70KB
Cetus, f=105mm standard, 79KB
Lacerta (The Lizard), f=50mm standard, 76KB
Capricornus (The Goat), f=105mm standard, 66KB
Aquarius (The Water Bearer), f=105mm standard, 74KB
Pisces (The Fishes), f=55mm wide-angle, 59KB
Aries (The Ram), f=50mm standard, 36KB
Piscis Austrinus (The Southern Fish), f=85mm tele, 62KB
Sculptor (The Sculptor's Studio), f=50mm standard, 58KB
Equuleus (The Little Horse), f=135mm tele, 45KB
Microscopium (The Microscope), f=85mm tele, 54KB
Grus (The Crane), f=35mm standard, 26KB
Phoenix, f=35mm standard, 32KB

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Constellations in Winter
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Great triangle in winter, f=18mm wide-angle, 84KB
The winter's Diamond, f=16mm fish-eye, 76KB

Orion, f=105mm standard, 55KB
Eridanus & Fornax (The Furnace), f=17mm wide-angle, 79KB
Canis Major (The Great Dog), f=105mm standard, 80KB
Puppis (The Stern), f=105mm standard, 39KB
Monoceros (The Unicorn), f=105mm standard, 53KB
Taurus (The Bull), f=24mm wide-angle, 90KB
Auriga (The Charioteer), f=105mm standard, 74KB
Canis Minor (The Little Dog), f=70mm tele, 57KB
Gemini (The Twins), f=105mm standard, 72KB
Lepus (The Hare), f=165mm tele, 54KB
Columba (The Dove), f=165mm tele, 36KB
Caelum (The Chisel), f=50mm standard, 22KB
Camelopardalis (The Giraffe), f=24mm wide-angle, 94KB

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