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In this album, I've collected photographs that include stars and various scenes on the ground.

These pictures were taken through cameras simply fixed on a tripod. It's one of the easiest methods in astrophotography, but I think it's the most difficult one to capture images with deep and artistic impressions. We can never take same images unless we have perfectly same conditions of location, transparency of atmosphere, photographer's sense, and so on. So I can reversely say that we can include our originalities in this kind of astrophotographs.

Starry movies with Time-Lapse technique
  This section includes the Time-Lapse movies of long-time motion of stars edited from still images. This technique enables various representations different from still pictures, the motion of stars are recorded as trails.
  These movies are stored in the server of YouTube®.

Dirnal motion of Scorpius between clouds
720p, 85sec
Rising summer's Milky Way
720p, 60sec
Diurnal motion of Moonlit Orion
720p, 120sec
Nightglow & the summer's Milky Way
720p, 75sec
Geminids Meteor Shower 2014
720p, 110sec
Diurnal motion of winter constellations
720p, 100sec

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Japanese pronounce: YOIPart 1: Sceneries in dusk
To Preview of Part 1
  We can appreciate really various colors in dusk skies depending on season and/or whether conditions. I can often get evening sky photographs with unexpected colors.
  This part contains setting stars and the Moon in those subtle colored skies.

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Rendez-vous of Moon & Venus (May 16, 2010), 40+13KB
Rendez-vous of Moon, Venus & Jupiter (Dec 1, 2008), 43+46KB
Sinking Orion over cherry trees, 53KB
Mt.Yatsugatake and Rendez-vous of Moon & Venus, 46KB
Dusk sky over Distant Thunder, 66KB
Cherry blossom in evening sky, 85KB
Sinking Moon & Venus, 39+36KB
Setting Crescent Moon, 38KB
Five planets in dusk sky, 42+21KB (Consists of 2 pics)
Southern Alps & sinking dawn Venus, 44KB
The Crescent Moon & Venus in evening sky, 19KB
The evening moon in winter sky, 35KB
Setting stars toward Mt. Yatsugatake, 52KB
Venus & Jupiter in evening sky, 54KB
Rendez vous in evening sky, 44KB
The trail of Venus into Mt. Yatsugatake, 28KB
Moon, Venus & Jupiter in evening sky, 63KB
Evening sky over the Japan Alps, 35KB
Arcturus in the evening sky, 36KB

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Japanese pronounce: YORUPart 2: Sceneries in dark night
To Preview of Part 2
  I've gathered images taken in Moon-less nights here. Now it's next to impossible to appreciate full of stars without light pollution at Japan in where I live.
  But we can feel unexpected beauties in these images including light trails of stars with a distant city light.

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Rising Crux (at Singapore), 113KB
Southrn night skies in late autumn, 72KB
Summer's Milky Way in western skies, 97KB
Northern star trails for 11 hours, 112KB
Firefly & star trails 2011, 72+91KB
Ringing summer's triangle beyond grassy plain, 63KB
Ringing summery constellations, 62KB
Sinking Big Dipper, 64KB
The Milky Way flowing down, 94KB
Mt. Fuji & cap cloud under starlit sky, 65KB
A starlit night with comet Holmes, 77KB
Under the starlit Milky Way, 69KB
Scorpius & Jupiter over Trees, 65KB
Mt. Asama & Cassiopeia, 59KB
A windmill & Scorpius, 46KB
Aiming at deep sky, 39KB
Sinking Mars in 2003, 50KB
Rising Cassiopeia, 55KB
Spring constellations rising over snowy field, 51KB
City lights & Northern stars, 46KB
Trees & Sinking winter constellations, 41KB
The Rising Orion, 48KB
Sinking Winter Constellations, Jupiter & Saturn, 42KB
Setting Scorpius toward west sky, 45KB
Rising Big Dipper from grove, 66KB
The light trail of Orion, 50KB
Rising Orion over Sagami Plain, 42KB
Setting Northern Cross, 43KB
Rising Jupiter over Gotemba city, 39KB
Rising Scorpius over Kofu basin, 56KB
Orion, Sirius & Canopus, 33KB
Rising Orion in a break in clouds, 24KB
Lyra going down to the Mt.Fuji, 48KB
Milky way across the sky in summer, 49KB
Light trail of Canopus, 36KB
The rising Orion, 65KB
From Polaris to Orion, 44KB
The Orion going over the Mt.Fuji, 25KB
The Orion going down to west sky, 32KB
Silver grass in winter & the Big Dipper, 49KB
Sendai city viewed at Mt.Katta, 31KB

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Japanese pronounce: GEKKOUPart 3: Sceneries under Moon light
To Preview of Part 3
  We astrophotographers cannot take any pictures of nebulae nor star fields in moonlit night. However it can be said that pictures taken under Moon light with various landscapes are exception.
  Because the Moon is reflecting the sunlight, we can take pictures of almost same color with those taken in midday, excluding the brightness in moonlit night is extraordinary lower than that in daytime. These pictures have been taken with a technique that trees or mountains are being shone by the Moonlight.

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At a coast under the Moonlight, 56KB
Constellations & forest of fireflies, 69KB
Rising Vega from Mt. Mizugaki, 45KB
Taurus & the dawn Moon, 78KB
The Rising Moon above City Lights, 78KB
Glow of fireflies & sinking Jupiter, 51KB
Moon rise from sea of clouds, 32KB
Mars Observation under Moonlight, 37KB
Rendez-vous of dawn Moon, Mars & Venus, 27KB
Sinking Antares under Moonlight, 26KB
Dawn Moon floating on Sagami plain, 28KB
Snowy copse & northern sky, 58KB
Mt. Yatsugatake & Stars under Moon Light, 53KB
Winter Constellations going down to Southern Alps, 44KB
Sinking Summer Constellations under Moon Light, 56KB
Trees & stars under Moonlit winter night, 81KB
The Cassiopeia under Moon light, 69KB
Circumpoling Big Dipper & Cassiopeia under Moon light, 60KB
Mt. Fuji on a Moonlit night, 24KB
Gemini going down with the Moon, 31KB
Northern sky over the field under Moon light, 44KB
Summer's Big Triangle & Shooting Star, 27KB
Rising constellations in winter over Saku city, 21KB
Northern sky under Moon light, 59KB
Japan Alps & Constellations in winter, 47KB

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Japanese pronounce: AKATSUKIPart 4: Sceneries in dawn
To Preview of Part 4
  In end of an all night banquet of starlit sky, these pictures have been captured an instant of a break of dawn in eastern sky.
  The dawn light has more natural atmospheric colors comparing with evening because the artificial light in early morning is lower than that in dusk.

Jump to dusk Jump to dark night Jump to Moon light
Dawn Moon, Pleiades & Hyades, 55KB
Rendez-vous of Jupiter ,Venus & Dawn Moon, 47+43KB
Rendez-vous of Jupiter ,Venus & Mercury (May 15, 2011), 83KB
The rising Andromeda on dawn ocean, 51KB
Dawn in Abukuma highland, 52KB
Rendez-vous of Moon & Venus, Jupiter (Nov 11, 2004), 69+14KB
Rendez-vous of Venus & Jupiter (Nov 2004), 40+44KB
Mt. Fuji in dawn light, 63KB
Taurus & Auriga over the sea of clouds, 50KB
Rendez-vous of dawn Moon & Venus, 39+35KB (Consists of 2 images)
Rising dawn Venus & a shooting star, 44KB
The Scorpius in dawn, 42KB
Zodiacal light & rising Leo, 38KB
Regulus & Venus in dawn sky, 26KB
Dawn Venus above the sea of clouds, 32KB
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn, 48KB
Rising Pleiades, Hyades, Venus & Saturn, 33KB
The dawn Moon in winter morning, 41KB
Milky Way & summer's constellations in dawn sky, 31KB
Rising Venus in dawn light, 52KB
Mt.Fuji, Scorpius & Moon in dawn sky, 30KB
The dawn light over Sagami Bay, 40KB
Yamanaka lake under the dawn light & Venus, 38KB
Dawn at the Silver birch grove, 34KB
Orion, Moon & Venus in dawn sky, 51KB
Rising dawn Moon & Taurus, 34KB
Dawn at Kinkazan island, 21KB
Dawn at Zaoh, 34KB
The dawn sky in summer -At Zaoh-, 15KB

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