Established on April 21, 2001

Policies of this site

1. No guarantees for carried information

  Although I have written descriptions in each page referring to published materials with care as possible I could, it may contain some mistakes or incorrect information caused by mistakes of references or me. Please understand that I do not take any responsibilities for your losses caused by the imperfection of this site.

  I may change those contents when I perceive mistakes in this site without any announcements. And your feedbacks via E-mails are very welcome when you notice any mistakes in this site.

2. Copyrights

  All images and texts contained in this site are original contents; all copyrights of those contents are reserved by Naoyuki Kurita. You can use those contents only for personal or educational uses, you're granted to appreciate or read those contents online, download, save in your computer. And you can print those contents out only for personal or educational uses or small-scaled non-commercial distribution.
  It's strictly prohibited to use those contents for commercial uses in any form without my permission.

3. Reproduction of images

  If you want to reproduce some images in this site for your non-commercial personal web site, please do not forget to inquire me via E-mail before you reproduce those. As a general rule I'll permit you to use those images for your personal web site without any fees, but please tell me which images you want to use and how use those images in your web site surely. And please write clearly my copyright credit (ex. Photo by Naoyuki Kurita) in all pages those images reproduced.

    Restriction of reproduction
  I do not permit you to use those images as main contents of your site (ex. as materials of large-scaled photo album, etc). You can reproduce those images only to reinforce your original contents.

  And I decline reproduction of images in web sites below,
  1. Web sites that include contents against public order and standards of decency.
  2. Web sites that include contents against laws.
  3. Web sites that include contents slandering third parties.
  4. Web sites that include contents disadvantaging third parties.
  5. Web sites that include contents infringing copyrights of third parties.

4. Links to this site

  You can link to this site from yours freely. In case you link to the top page of this site, URL is,
(And this site has Japanese version at "")

  Not only top page, you can also link to arbitral pages in this site directly without any restriction. However please don't link to any pages in flames of your site.
  In case you want to link to some JPEG image files in this site, not HTML files, it can be regarded as the reproduction of images. You must add my copyright credit where you link to those image files.
  You're under no obligation to tell me when you have linked to this site, but if you tell me and you want, I'd like to cross-link with your site with pleasure.
  The URL of this site may change in future. In that case I should display announcement of address movement on top page for the time being. But please understand that if you link to some pages except top page, they will be dead-links.

E-mail...Contact me if you have any questions or indistinct terms.

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